Gov. Kristi Noem's Dog Controversy Inspired Multiple "SNL" Skits Last Weekend, And The Internet Is Obsessed

Warning: Depictions of violence against animals.

South Dakota Governor and VP hopeful Kristi Noem has made headlines for some seriously bizarre stuff, but lately, for bragging about shooting her 14-month-old puppy because it was "untrainable."

Kristi Noem wearing a MAGA hat during a speech
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Republicans and Democrats alike have agreed that her hopes of being Donald Trump's VP pick are basically over after she detailed this horrible story in her new book.

Kristi Noem speaking closely with Donald Trump at a public event
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Last Saturday, SNL had a field day with Noem's dog controversy, referencing her in multiple skits, including in guest host Dua Lipa's opening monologue.


"My third album just dropped, and it's called Radical Optimism," Dua said. "A lot of people ask me what radical optimism means. To me, it's like looking on the bright side of any situation."

Closeup of Dua Lipa hosting "SNL"
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"Here, I'll show you. Someone tell me a problem you're having. Yes, you," she said, pointing at the live audience and offering advice to two in-character SNL cast members.

Closeup of Dua Lipa onstage hosting "SNL"
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Then, a third cast member stands, and she's dressed like Noem. "Hi, I'm South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem."

Screenshot from "SNL"
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"No, no, no, sorry," Dua interrupted. "I can't help."

Dua Lipa saying, "I can't help."
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In a later sketch, the crowd got to meet Kristi Noem's "other dog":

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"Wow, so you're Team Kristi?" Colin Jost asked the "dog."

Two performers on SNL; one dressed as a dog with ears and collar, another in a suit at a news desk
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"Team Kristi for life! For my very long life. PLEASE. I love you, Kristi!!"

Screenshot from "SNL"
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