Slow Bros Announces Harold Halibut Release Date At Future Games Show


Following months of teases and an exceptional little demo, the stop-motion, Slow Bros. announced a Harold Halibut release date at the Future Games Show The claymation adventure game launches on April 16, 2024, for PC via Steam, and it looks even better than we thought it did before.

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Granted, we’re not entirely sure what’s going on, but hey, it looks good.

The general idea is this. You play as Harold, a young lab assistant on an underwater city-ship. That ship fled the planet 250 years ago to escape impending war and devastation, which is all fine and good, except everyone on board would like to find a permanent home, please. Harold stumbles on a strange secret that might just be the answer to everyone’s problems, assuming it’s not the stuff of nightmares instead.

Everyone’s problems are Harold’s domain anyway, as he performs pretty much any task they ask of him, and they ask some doozies. He’s not the most popular fella on board, despite wanting nothing but the best for everyone. I'm not too keen on how it seems everyone treats him like nothing but a burden, but maybe it's just setting the stage for stronger character and plot development later.

Anyway, if you want to check it out for yourself, there’s a free Harold Halibut demo on Steam now.

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