'Skinny' Lyrics from Billie Eilish's New Album 'Hit Me Hard and Soft'

Billie Eilish

The lyrics to Billie Eilish's new song "Skinny" have arrived. The Grammy and Oscar-winning musician releases her third studio album, Hit Me Hard and Soft on May 17, 2024, including "Skinny" as track 1. This new album, which has leaked early, is the follow up to Eilish's first two acclaimed albums When We Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? and Happier Than Ever.

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The opening track of Eilish's new album addresses her rise to fame. She comments on people critiquing her weight and the internet's obsession with tearing stars apart.

Here are the lyrics to "Skinny" by Billie Eilish:

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Billie Eilish "Skinny" Lyrics

Oh, oh

[Verse 1]
I fell in love for the first time
With a friend, it's a good sign
Feeling off when I feel fine
Twenty-one took a lifetime
People say I look happy
Just because I got skinny
But the old me is still me
Maybe the real me and
I think she's pretty

And I still cry, cry
And you know why

[Verse 2]
Am I acting my age now?
Am I already on the way out?
When I step off the stage
I'm a bird in a cage
I'm a dog in a dog pound
And you said I was your secret
And you didn't get to keep it
And the internet is hungry for the meat
It's kinda funny that somebody's gotta feed it

OhDo you still cry?
Still cry?
Oh, cry
Ah-ah, I

I nevеr did you wrong (Never did you wrong)
And my (Oh), my patience is gone (Is gone)
And I (I), I never did you wrong (You wrong)I,
I loved you for so long


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What is the Hit Me Hard and Soft track list?

Billie Eilish's third album boasts 10 new tracks from the award-winning musician. The new album is 43 minutes and 45 seconds long and is available to stream on all platforms. Here is the track list:

  1. "Skinny"

  2. "Lunch"

  3. "Chihiro"

  4. "Birds of a Feather"

  5. "Wildflower"

  6. "The Greatest"

  7. "L'Amour De Ma Vie"

  8. "The Diner"

  9. "Bittersuite"

  10. "Blue"

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