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A woman has sparked a renewed debate online about whether or not skinny jeans are in fact 'out', or whether Gen Z's dig at millennials should simply be ignored.

"So just got the memo that skinny jeans are out," she wrote in a group on Facebook, adding a few crying emoji and, "I love them, anyone else have a problem with this?"

skinny jeans
A woman asked about her skinny jean collection online. Photo: Facebook

For anyone who may have missed the initial skinny jeans debate that kicked off on TikTok earlier this year, Gen Z basically declared that skinny jeans are out of style, as well as side parts and the laughing-crying emoji - so basically an all out 'attack' on millennials.


According to the generation born after 1997, it’s now all about the looser fitting denim styles - that includes cuts like straight legs, wide legs, boot cuts, mom jeans, and boyfriend jeans. Ripped jeans are also OK by Gen Z’s standards.

Thankfully, high-rise styles are still in fashion, and low-rise jeans aren’t making a comeback just yet. 

The post sparked a big reaction from fellow women refusing to let go of the staple wardrobe item.

"Who has time to worry about what other people think you should wear," one person commented.

"Who cares? I love my skinny jeans will wear what I want," another agreed.

While a third mused: "These days anything goes in the fashion world."

A few pointed out they were never a fan of the 'mom' jean style.

"Nope. We stopped wearing 'mom' jeans for a reason," was one response, while others stressed people shouldn't listen to much to what other's opinions.

"Don't let teenagers on TikTok decide what you do and don't wear," one person said.

"It amazes me that people buy into the crap that we are told by those who literally just want us to buy more stuff," another said.

Meanwhile there were a few who agreed skinny jeans are not the future.

"Never was a huge fan of skinnys, I LOVE flares, bootleg and wide leg jeans.. I'm wrapped they are back in," was one such comment.

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