SHUSHU/TONG's New Collection Is Inspired By French Novel, 'Gigi'

Collete's seminal novel, Gigi, is characterized by scandal, satire and complex love stories– making it a natural muse. For its Fall/Winter 2024 collection presented at Shanghai Fashion Week, SHUSHU/TONG derives inspiration from the almost century-old novella. Hidden in the layers, fabrics and designs it chose, this collection, like the novel, dives into the complexities of womanhood, society and romance.

A central theme to the novel is the protagonist's ambivalence to the rules of high society. Gigi is innocent and sincere while simultaneously playful and disdainful of prescribed norms. She skilfully rejects expectations to do what she wants and to poke a glaring hole in society. However, she is a romantic at heart, pursuing deep romances and exploring a world of frivolity.

SHUSHU/TONG, Fall Winter 2024, French, Novel, Gigi
SHUSHU/TONG, Fall Winter 2024, French, Novel, Gigi

To capture these dynamic emotions and themes, SHUSHU/TONG layers fabrics that convey different emotions together. For example, throughout the line, viewers can catch sequins, twill and jacquard in places they're unlikely to expect them. There's also quirky uses of traditionally feminine details such as feathers and flowers in reinterpreted manners to convey Gigi's playful and rebellious personality. SHUSHU/TONG asks viewers to see Gigi for her truest self, peeled back from all the finery and games she plays.

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