Shocked Aussie couple finds snake in common home appliance

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We’ve all seen the cult flick Snakes On A Plane but one Aussie couple were living their own horror movie when they discovered a snake hiding inside their air conditioning unit.

The couple, in Brisbane, Queensland, noticed that their air-conditioner wasn’t working properly on a particularly sweltering summer day and went to have a closer look at the appliance to see what was what.

a snake in an air conditioning unit
An Aussie couple got the fright of their lives after discovering a snake had slithered into their air conditioning unit. Photo: Caters.

Snakey situation

Upon inspection, their confusion turned to pure shock when they came face to face with a slithery intruder stretched out inside their Kelvinator unit.

Snake catcher, Bryce Lockett, was called in to determine whether the snake was dangerous and, hopefully, remove it from the couple’s home safely.

“In the afternoon I got a phone call from a couple who said they saw the snake inside their air conditioning,” the 25-year-old said.

“When I arrived I could spot its tail hanging out from the unit. Luckily it was not a venomous one, just a green tree snake,” he added.


A man's hand holds the tail of a snake in an air conditioning unit
Snake catcher Bryce was on hand to remove the sneaky snake from the AC unit safely. Photo: Caters.

‘Through the vents’

Bryce speculates that the uninvited house guest ‘came in through the vents’ in search of a meal, a shudder-inducing thought for other air-con users no doubt.

“The snake will have likely came in through the vents. The expanding foam around the pipes was old.

“I think it will have been following some geckos who often commonly go up the same path.”

Once the snake has been shown the door, so to speak, the couple’s air-con started working again without a hitch.

Bryce couldn’t resist a final snap with his new reptile pal before releasing it in nearby bushland.

A man's hand holding a green tree snake
The green tree snake was not venomous and was relocated to a local bushland area. Photo: Caters.

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