'Gross': Shock moment fiancé whips out phone mid-proposal

We all know someone who is so tied to their phone it can be almost impossible to enjoy a screen-free moment with them, but one woman may have finally taken things too far when she ruined her engagement by whipping out her smartphone.

The bride-to-be has gone viral after she was spotted grabbing her phone to record her fiance while he was midway through popping the question.

Man proposes woman snaps photo
This jaw-dropping moment during a woman's proposal is going viral for all the wrong reasons. Photo: Reddit

The video shows the man take a knee to the delight of the surprised future wife.

While he speaks, however, she grabs her iPhone and begins to record him, zooming in on the engagement ring clasped in his hand.

The woman doesn’t even appear to have said anything until several moments later when the fed-up groom-to-be snatches the phone out of her hand, forcing her to pay attention.

Bride records groom popping question
The bride-to-be almost instantly whipped out her phone to capture the moment. Photo: Reddit

The jaw-dropping moment has blown up online since being shared to Reddit over the weekend.

Reddit users slam ‘pathetic’ proposal moment

While debate raged, the consensus was that the video is ‘pathetic’ and ‘embarrassing’ as well as a troubling reflection on our inability to live in the present moment.

“People addicted to social media like this don't even think about it,” one person observed. “They just want the rush of posting and acknowledgement that a moment like this gives them. They may be enjoying the moment, but they don't feel right unless they capture it.”

Groom grabs phone from fiance's hand during proposal
Fed-up, the groom eventually snatched the phone from his future wife's hand. Photo: Reddit

“I don’t really understand how a person can feel the need to record her [or] his proposal more than living it,” another agreed. “Unfortunately these kinds of things happen a lot in today’s world.”

Others wondered if the evidently frustrated groom had had second thoughts while competing with his future wife’s phone for attention.

“I wonder if he regretted proposing afterwards…” one person wrote.

Others implied if he didn’t regret it, maybe he should.

“He should have tossed the ring instead of the phone,” was one, arch observation.


Another commended him for removing the phone from the situation.

“I like how he snatches it out of her hand at least,” they wrote.

Still more described the moment as ‘pathetic’ and ‘sad’ while another wondered if she had even responded before pulling out the camera.

“Did she even say yes yet?” they wondered.

“I get wanting to preserve memories but this is just shallow and gross,” another agreed.

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