Shirley MacLaine Teases New Project on Milestone 90th Birthday

Shirley MacLaine

Shirley MacLaine is celebrating her birthday with a bang this year.

The Oscar-winning actress hit a major milestone this week while ringing in her 90th birthday on Wednesday, April 24—and she had the perfect plan to commemorate the occasion.

While discussing her plans for this year's birthday festivities with People, MacLaine took the opportunity to announce her surprise new book, The Wall of Life, slated for release later this year.

"I have lived a wonderful life and I wanted to share it," the Terms of Endearment star told the publication, explaining that it was a wall of framed photographs in her Malibu home that inspired her to write another book about her life. (MacLaine is already the author of the 1983 New York Times bestselling memoir Out On a Limb.)

"About 45 years ago, I put ten or so framed photographs of friends and family and people I've worked with all grouped together on a living room wall," MacLaine recalled. "Everyone who came over loved to look at this montage, and so The Wall of Life was born." 

And lucky for her fans, MacLaine plans to give readers a glimpse at that special photo collage.

"I'm pleased to share a selection of these photos—and some of the stories behind them—in this book."

According to a summary of the forthcoming book, MacLaine will outline a myriad of stories from throughout her life, including, "her childhood with her brother Warren Beatty, her decision to leave for New York City at age sixteen, her early work on Broadway, and becoming a mother."

She also promises to give readers a greater insight into other famous figures, including Frank Sinatra, Bob Fosse, Fidel CastroBette Davis, Jack Nicholson, Elizabeth Taylor and many more.

Described as her "most visual and candid book yet," MacLaine's new memoir is expected to give readers "an unprecedented glance into a life like no other."

The Wall of Life is set to hit book shelves on Tuesday, October 22.

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