Bizarre detail on $30 pair of jeans: 'Must be a joke!'

Kristine Tarbert
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A pair of jeans from popular online fashion retailer Shein are causing a stir online for literally embodying 'business in the back and party in the front' (we know, normally the saying is the other way around but stick with us).

The straight cut denim pants are part of the brand's extensive range of jeans online - and at just $30.95 a bargain at that - though you'd be forgiven for doing a double-take, after seeing what they look like from the back vs the front.

Shein denim jeans online
A totally normally-looking pair of denim jeans. Photo: Shein

From behind they appear like a normal-looking pair of light denim straight-cut and high-waisted jeans. Available in sizes six to 14, they are made from cotton and polyester have deep pockets on either side and a button-front closure.

However, once you check them out from the front, the design is definitely only for the brave.


The look is inspired by cowboy chaps - chaps are intended to protect the legs of cowboys from contact with daily hazards while working with cattle, horses, and other livestock. Though they are normally worn over jeans or jodhpurs (riding pants).

Shein cut out cowboy style jeans
Aaaannnd. Not so much from the front. Photo: Shein

The bizarre design detail had many people scratching their heads.

"Wonder if there is anybody stupid enough to wear them?" one person asked online.

"These. Are. Hilarious. And yet I still think they're better than those plastic see through pants that were going around a while back," another wrote.

While a third said: "WTF ....this must be a joke !!!"

It's not the first time this particular online retailer has drawn some mixed reactions. Just last year, a daring cut-out bikini also got varied responses online.

The Cut-out Halter Triangle Bikini from fashion brand Shein comes in six different colours. But while it has a 4.6/5 star review rating online, plenty of people have said it is a nip slip waiting to happen.

If this particular risqué style isn't your thing, Shein has hundreds of styles of denim with plenty that show off a little or a lot of skin - whichever you prefer. Here are some of our preferred picks:

High Waist Ripped Straight Leg Jeans - $28.95

High Waist Ripped Straight Leg Jeans.
High Waist Ripped Straight Leg Jeans. Photo: Shein

High Waist Ripped Detail Jeans - $28.95

High Waist Ripped Detail Jeans
High Waist Ripped Detail Jeans. Photo: Shein

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