Shaveducking is the new stressful dating trend

Navigating the dating world can be tricky enough, and now relationship insiders have identified another new trend we need to watch out for.

If you’re still trying to get your head around kittenfishing and breadcrumbing, shaveducking is the new phenomenon afflicting singletons.

In a world where your first encounter can be with someone’s dating profile picture, shaveducking affects those men who decide to rock some facial hair, which, let’s be honest is quite a few of them.

In love with a bearded man? You might just love his beard... Photo: Getty
In love with a bearded man? You might just love his beard... Photo: Getty

Here are some tell-tale signs you’re in a shaveducking situation.

Have you met someone seriously attractive rocking a beard?

Have you ever wondered what might lie beneath that beautifully, bushy and flattering beard?

Have you worried that if said suitor actually shaves his beard off, you might lose all interest in them whatsoever?

Source: Giphy
Source: Giphy

“Shaveducking describes the lingering unease that emerges when you realise that you’re not quite sure if you’re attracted to a man, or just his facial hair,” explains the Metro.

“[It's known as] shaveducking because you’d do anything to dodge that guy getting a shave and trimming off your affections in the process.”

According to the Metro, this phenomenon can happen at any time in your relationship.

Source: Giphy
Source: Giphy

Rather than spend your entire relationship hiding clippers and binning razors, there’s an easy fix.

Feign an interest in old pictures – preferably before puberty when those hair hormones kicked in – to get a good idea of what your hirsute other half looks without his face armour.

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