Glam gran ditches cardigans for sexy outfits: 'Keeps me young'

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A glamorous gran says you are never too old for mini dress, tight leather trousers and a low cut top.

Karen Wilcox, 55, is most comfortable getting about in clothes marketed to her daughters Jade, 28, and Paige, 24, insisting that sharing her daughter’s wardrobe keeps her young.

Karen grandma sexy 54 daughters' outfits
Grandma Karen, 54, is not your average nan and says she wears sexy outfits to keep herself young. Photo: Caters

The mum-of-two from the UK's West Midlands is sharing her story to prove women can still be fashionable after 45.

“Many women think they should stop wearing clothes they like and cover up when they reach 45," she says. “But I couldn’t disagree more - you shouldn’t have to put your slippers on and cover-up because society tells you to.”


She says she always gets compliments when she steps out in one of her daughter's items of clothing, and that it keeps her feeling fun.

“Wearing their clothes definitely keeps me young," she says. “They help keep me trendy."

PICTURED- Paige, left, in a pink dress, and Karen, right, in a black dress) -
Karen (right) and her daughter Paige (left) share clothes. Photo: Caters

Karen gravitates towards outfits of the figure-hugging variety, describing her style with one word: 'Glamour'.

“I am more of skin-tight leggings with a glamorous top kind of girl," she says.

“However, I am partial to a boob tube dress of Paige’s if I am going out with my friends.

Caters grandma wears daughters sexy outfits, outfit swap
Seeing double? The pair switch outfits regularly, here Karen wears Paige's pink boob tube dress, while Paige rocks her glam black frock. Photo: Caters

Karen found the confidence to buck societal expectations and get her body-con on after a harrowing life-threatening experience several years ago.

The grandma of two was diagnosed with a small brain tumour in 2016, and it was the fear of losing her life gave her the confidence to live it to the full.

“I spent two years recuperating from five operations which gave me a lot of time to think," she reveals. “I decided I want to do more with my life and enjoy every second."

Karen sexy grandma 54 wears cleavage-bearing swimsuit
Karen decided life is too short for modest bathers after a cscary life-threatening experience. Photo: Caters

“I stopped worrying about what others think and started doing what makes me happy.”

The glam gran has even dipped her toe into the world of beauty pageants, with several wins under her belt already.

Not that it's always smooth sailing with her daughters.

"My eldest Jade thinks it is amazing that I have followed my dreams," she says. “But Paige doesn't always agree and thinks it can be embarrassing."

Luckily, hubby Mark seems proud of his wife's efforts.

“My husband Mark, 58, leaves me to it but I think he is proud of me for doing something more with my life," she says.

“I want to reassure people that you are never too old to put yourself out there. I aspire to inspire my showing others age is just a number."

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