Mum of four's $23k Playboy transformation after divorce

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A mum-of-four has pulled off the ultimate divorce bounce back becoming a Playboy model in the wake of her marriage bust-up.

Fiona Hollingsworth, 37, from the UK says she has regained her confidence since becoming single after 16 years of marriage thanks to her burgeoning career as a lingerie and bikini model which saw her win Model of the Year in a national contest.

Fiona playboy model bikini mum of four divorced
Mum of four Fiona is diving into the world of bikini modelling and making a splash. Photo: Caters

The mum of four tied the knot at the age of 21, her dedication to being a full-time mother side-lining her passion for modelling.

“I was not happy in my relationship,” she says. “And my kids, who are between the ages of 10 and 4, were growing up. I decided I wanted to do something for me.”

Fiona’s Playboy bid

Photo: Caters
Photo: Caters

So the former retail worker sought a divorce in October 2019, and applied for Playboy’s Miss Swimsuit competition in March, showcasing her body in a series of saucy snaps in a bid to show other mums that it is never too late to fulfil your modelling dreams.

She didn’t nab the prestigious title, but it did land her an agent that secured her spot in a number of Playboy’s worldwide.

"[Miss Swimsuit] is where I was picked up by a Playboy Playmate scout, and she took my details,” Fiona says.

"Since then I have gained my Playboy Playmate title, which I can keep forever, and I have appeared in Playboy Spain and Playboy Portugal.”

She also applied for a local competition which was far more successful for her.


Model of the Year

Fiona divorced Playboy swaps wedding photos bikini photos
Fiona left her unhappy marriage after 16 years. Photo: Caters

"My unhappy relationship boosted me to bounce back and find my love for modelling again,” she says. “So, I convinced myself to apply for Model of the Year.”

“I really had no expectations of doing well in the contest, I had no confidence because I had given birth to four children and was also in a negative relationship, which I knew the break up was pending,” she continues.

"I ended up winning Model of the Year. I could not believe it, I was so happy.”

She says the win ‘really restored my confidence’ and spurred her on to apply again.

$23k cosmetic makeover

Photo: Caters
Photo: Caters

After her divorce, the mum forked out a whopping $18,000 for a cosmetic makeover that bought her a boob job and a new nose.

She says she splashed out a further $5000 on botox and fillers to achieve her magazine-looks.

“I have bought lots of sets of sexy lingerie, silk gowns and skimpy dresses which I absolutely love wearing for my shoots,” the mum adds.

It wasn’t just a one-time cash splash either, Fiona says she gets regular procedures every few months that can rack up quite an extensive bill.

“I have lots of regular beauty treatments done,” she says. “I have Botox and filler in my lips and cheeks. When funds are allowing, I also have my jaw and chin enhanced with filler too.”

“They keep me feeling fabulous and confident. I spend about [AUD$900] every couple of months on my treatments.”

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