Youthful mum, 43, mistaken for 19-year-old son's sister

A US mum has revealed how she keeps herself looking young enough to be mistaken for her teenage son’s sister.

Marcela Iglesias says she shaves a decade or two off her face and body with regular injections and a healthy lifestyle.

Marcella Iglesias son mistaken sister
Marcela Iglesias says strangers think she is son Rodrigo's friend or sister because of her youthful looks. Photo: Caters

The result is plenty of ‘flattering’ confusion from strangers who assumes she is the sister or friend of her 19-year-old son Rodrigo.

Though Marcela doesn’t mind the mix-ups at all, she says her son has been left ‘embarrassed’ by her youthful looks in the past but got over it as he grew up.

“When we go out together to concerts or shopping – people think I am part of his group of friends,” Marcela says. “They can’t believe I am his mother.”

“I guess it is because I am not a typical mum. I am trendy and fashionable.”

Marcela Iglesias with son mistaken for sister young looks
Marcela says being a 'trendy mum' is part of the reason they think she is Rodrigo's sister. Photo: Caters

She says that their relationship is atypical as well, likening their bond to siblings rather than m,other and son.

“Our bond is more like siblings rather than mother and son so it is not surprising that others are mistaken,” she admits.

“We are incredibly close and always together. We go shopping a lot together as he gives great fashion advice,” she says.

Marcela does not shy away from showing off her blessed good looks, regularly sharing snaps in form-fitting outfits with her 303k Instagram followers.

She’s also regularly spotted on red carpets where she is credited as an ‘internet celebrity’.

Photo: Caters
Photo: Caters

She’s also committed to keeping her face smooth and wrinkle-free, spending hundreds each month on fillers and Botox, though she has yet to go under the knife.

“I started getting Botox and fillers in my thirties. I get it to maintain and enhance my natural looks,” she said.

“I have also had stem cell therapy which meant I was injected with 30 million stem cells.

“It is to repair and generate healthier and new cells.”

The controversial treatment has divided medical professionals, many saying there is little evidence supporting the therapy’s supposedly rejuvenating qualities.

Apart from a little help from the syringe, Marcela says minimising stress, and ditching the ciggies are her other top tips for looking like a teen in your 40’s.

“I lead a healthy and balanced lifestyle which is always good for your appearance,” she says.

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