Sex and the City star debuts dramatic quarantine transformation

Sex and the City's Chris Noth has revealed a very dramatic makeover while in isolation.

Taking to Instagram, Chris shared a snap of his new haircut, surprising fans with his new look.

Sex and the City Carrie and Big
Sex and the City's Chris Noth has surprised fans with a dramatic makeover while in quarantine. Photo: HBO

The star captioned the photo of his now bald head, "I decided dealing with hair was superfluous during these times of quarantine."

He did, however, decide to keep his moustache and goatee.

His former onscreen love interest Sarah Jessica Parker joked, "Why did you wait so long?"

Some fans were not so complimentary, with one person writing, "Put it back please."

Another added, "Please turn yourself upside down love you better with hair."

Chris Noth bald
Chris Noth uploaded his makeover photo to Instagram writing, "I decided dealing with hair was superfluous during these times of quarantine." Photo: Instagram/Chris Noth

Someone else said, "You look like a hot villain now."

Others referenced his Sex and the City character Big, with one comment reading, "Thats a 'BIG' head...had to."

Some women said their husbands had received similar haircuts but that he looked much better than them. One wrote, "Husband did this today doesn't look like you though."

The Law and Order star took to Instagram earlier in the month with a message for his fans about social distancing, he said, "On behalf of the NYPD, I'd like to ask you to remember, as New Yorkers, we have to social distance, we have to stay inside until all of this passes.

"We can do it. We're tough, we're resilient and we have the best darn police force in the country.

"I'm not a cop, but I played one on TV. Stay safe, stay healthy, see you on the other side."

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