Secret video catches Love Island stars in a lie

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Vanessa and Adam briefly coupled up as 'strangers', but really knew each other the whole time. Photo: Nine

Love Island stars are notorious for dripping with fake tan, rock hard abs and drama, but it looks like some of the attractive singles on the new Aussie season are also dipping their toes in deceit.

At least, contestants Vanessa and Adam seem to have been trying to pull the wool over viewers’ eyes, with new footage proving their awkward ‘first meeting’ on the show was fabricated, and they have actually known each other for at least five months.

For those who aren’t familiar with the show, it makes five buff men pair up with five bikini-clad ladies, whom they stay with until someone more appealing enters the villa.

On the show’s premiere episode on Monday, Vanessa and Adam acted like perfect strangers when they were introduced by host Sophie Monk - but old ties evidently still tugged on some heartstrings, as when it came time for Adam to ‘couple-up’ with one of the lovely ladies, he chose Vanessa.

Bizarrely, however, he referred to the brunette as ‘the one in the yellow’ rather than by her name.

Now, footage showing the pair at an event together has emerged, suggesting their awkward encounters on the show are part of an attempt to hide their connection.

Not that that connection appears to stretch beyond acquaintance - from Vanessa’s side, she rejected Adam, labelling him a ‘bad boy’, and ended up paired with another contestant Matthew, while Adam was coupled with Cassie.

As it turns out, she may have been speaking from personal experience.

Cold, hard evidence proves Adam and Vanessa are in cahoots. Photo: Dimex

The pair are seen in the footage laughing and joking at the same table at an unidentified event.

As Vanessa sips from a cocktail on one side of the table, Adam jokes with a mate on the other, but what remains indisputable is that the pair are at the same table, the same event, and most definitely know each other beyond ‘the girl in yellow’.

Consider this farce, busted.

Vanessa, busted. Photo: Nine
Adam also busted. Photo: Nine

Next thing you know, we’ll find out that they’re not really there to find love. Who can we trust anymore?

Speaking of love, Vanessa may still be nursing a heartache.

A MAFS connection

The brunette babe broke up with the back of a short-lived relationship with Jessika Power’s brother Rhyce.

The relationship clearly wasn’t smooth sailing, with Jess airing some very scathing opinions of her brother’s ex yesterday.

"She slagged me off on social media and when the promo for Love Island came out, I thought, 'oh no, that's why the social-climbing has been happening,'" Jess told The Kyle and Jackie O Show.

"She said a lot of things about me so why not say it on air."

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