Scott Cam blasts star couple for leaving The Block: 'P*ss poor'

Scott Cam has slammed influencer Elle Ferguson and former AFL star Joel Patfull, who quit The Block in April after just "48 hours" of filming.

The star couple sensationally quit the show during the first week of production with Scott suggesting the pair left the show because they didn't realise how challenging it would be.

The Block's Scott Cam
Scott Cam has slammed star couple Elle Ferguson and former AFL star Joel Patfull for leaving The Block just 48 hours into filming. Photo: Getty

"We had a 48-hour challenge to choose the house that you get and they scarpered after 48 hours. It’s something that’s never happened before," Scott told TV Tonight.

"45,000 people applied to be on The Block and win life-changing money," he added. "These guys got on and they just couldn’t handle the pace after 48 hours … Which to me is a bit unAustralian! Have a go! It’s p*ss poor."


Elle and Joel have not yet spoken about leaving the show, however, at the time, The Daily Telegraph reported that Joel's mother Trish had fractured her neck after a fall.

She was treated for a broken coccyx, a fractured wrist and possible bleeding of the brain, with the pair packing their bags and flying from Melbourne to Adelaide to be by her side.

Elle and Joel shared Instagram Stories at the time showing them at the airport, with the caption, "Wherever you are in the world. Whatever you are doing. Family always comes first."

Joel Patfull and Elle Ferguson
Elle and Joel reportedly left the show after his mother fractured her neck in a fall. Photo: Getty

Fortunately for Nine, producers were able to quickly secure a replacement for the couple, with a spokesperson telling Yahoo Lifestyle at the time, “Over the weekend, we were surprised to have one of our new contestant teams depart The Block a few days into filming for the upcoming season.”

“We wish them all the best for the future and we’re excited to have cast two new Aussies for the opportunity of a lifetime on The Block. The Block Tree Change will air as scheduled later this year.”

It remains to be seen whether the replacement couple will slot in where Elle and Joel left off, or whether the series will need to recommence from scratch.

Filming of the show is taking place in Gisborne in Victoria's Macedon Ranges, about 45 minutes outside of Melbourne.

Elle and Joel shared Instagram Stories at the time showing them at the airport, saying, 'Family always comes first.' Photo: Instagram/Joel Patfull
Elle and Joel shared Instagram Stories at the time showing them at the airport, saying, 'Family always comes first.' Photo: Instagram/Joel Patfull

It’s the first time in the show’s 17-season history that the site has been located in a regional area, and contestants will be tasked with creating a luxury country escape over the 12 or so weeks of shooting.

Elle, who has an impressive 680,000 followers on Instagram, and her fiance Joel, a former GWS Giants player, were set to be two of the biggest names on this year’s show.

The 2022 cast includes five couples with the other big name being Neighbours star Sharon Johal and her husband Ankur Dogra.

Interestingly, Scott Cam will also be renovating a house this season.

'Desperately need help'

Earlier this month, Nine in Six, the construction company behind the upcoming Tree Change season, shared that they "desperately need help to complete the series" on Instagram earlier this month.

"We desperately need help completing the current series of The Block, Tree Change. Carpenters, Cladding Crews, Skilled labourers, Trade Assistants," they wrote. "Wages, Casual, Subbies we won’t discriminate. Immediate start, 5 Weeks to go Location Gisborne Victoria. Send us a message if you’re keen."

Due to the pandemic, building materials have reportedly been difficult to source.

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