'That was painful': Schapelle Corby's awkward Sunrise interview

Schapelle Corby may be known for being a convicted Bali drug smuggler but she will be making her reality TV debut on SAS Australia tonight.

While promoting the show on Sunrise on Monday morning, the 43-year-old quickly shut down host Samantha Armytage during a very awkward interview.

Schapelle Corby on Sunrise
While promoting SAS Australia on Sunrise on Monday morning, Schapelle Corby quickly shut down host Samantha Armytage during a very award interview. Photo: Seven

Appearing from her home on the Gold Coast, Schapelle appeared unimpressed when the questions took a turn.

Sam said: "I covered part of your trial in Bali. If you'd said to me, at that time, fast forward 10, 15 years, I'd be interviewing you now doing a reality show, I'd have said, 'Oh, for goodness sake!'"

Schapelle questioned her, as if she hadn't heard the question correctly. "If one of the what? If one of the what?" she replied.


Sam repeated the question adding she'd have thought there'd be "absolutely no way" Schapelle would be doing a reality show.

However, the former inmate quickly interrupted, saying: "Well, I wouldn't have had any clue what would be in my future."

Sam continued: "What do you say to people who are surprised that you want to pursue a TV career?"

Schapelle responded, shutting Sam down by saying: "Nothing, it's all about my own self. I did this for myself."

Schapelle Corby on SAS Australia
Schapelle was quite clear that she decided to go on SAS Australia for herself to test her mental strength. Photo: Seven

Kochie then questioned whether being in jail or being on the show was tougher, to which she curtly said: "Well, it's completely different Kochie, yeah."

People rushed to Twitter to call out the awkward interview, with one person calling it “cringe TV” and another saying: “That was painful”.

“Well, that was excruciating to watch,” another person wrote online.

Schapelle Corby in jail
Schapelle spent nine years at Bali's Kerobokan Prison for smuggling marijuana. Photo: Nine

"I don't care what people think of me. I hope people enjoy it, but this is for me. I'm doing this so I know I'm in control of my mind," Schapelle previously told Perth Now.

"We go into SAS as a number, not a name, which is significant for me because I won't be Schapelle Corby, I will just be a human being."

The show sees the cast attempt to pass the selection process to join the Australian Army's elit Special Air Service.

Other stars who appear on the show include Roxy Jacenko, Nick 'The Honey Badger' Cummins, Candice Warner, Merrick Watts and Shane Warne's son Jackson.

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