Savvy mum creates app to stop sports-mad husband moaning

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Fed up with listening to her sports-mad husband moaning about football match results, a savvy mum-of-two has created an app for him and other fans to channel their frustrations and feedback.

The Pitch Sport app was created by Brit Susannah Schofield, 45, back in 2017 and now, three years later, it’s worth a whopping $5.45 million (£3 million).

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A savvy mum has created an app to stop her sports-mad husband from moaning after a frustrating game. Photo: Caters News.

Susannah came up with the concept for the app when her cranky hubby Paul, 41, complained that ‘no one listens to the fans’ after taking their girls to watch a particularly vexing game.

“So I thought – if I build him a platform to share his views, and the views of his fellow fans, he would finally have the voice he craved as a fan,” she said.

“In fact even better he and his mates would have a collective voice which would ensure the pundits, the commentators and the clubs would now ‘have’ to listen, and I wouldn’t have to anymore,” she adds.

In reality, Susannah still hears her husband moan — as well as tens of thousands of other sports fans across all UK Premier League and Championship clubs.


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Susannah's app, Sports Pitch, is now worth upwards of $5.45 million. Photo: Caters News.

These days, Susannah heads up a team of 13 and with the upcoming addition of Boxing to the platform, Pitch Sport is expected to be valued at millions of pounds.

It hasn’t always been plain sailing, with Susannah making the tough decision to give up her six-figure salary at Royal Mail after over 20 years in order to launch the app.

“I had a great job but I knew I wanted to make a change as otherwise, I'd always be wondering ‘what if’.

“I went from allowing my children to buy anything they wanted - within reason - to checking the price of milk to ensure we were not overspending.

Susannah and her family ‘lived off’ her savings for a few years but she’s pleased that Willow, 10, and Brooke, 12, have been able to learn the value of money first-hand.

man wearing jeans and a grey t-shirt while watching a football game on television from the sofa in the living room. He is frustrated and angry his because his team is losing the game
Sports Pitch gives frustrated fans a voice. Photo: Getty Images.

Day-to-day, Susannah admits she ‘lives in a world of fan views’.

“Our app gives the voice of the fans and we believe that the opinions of the lifeblood of the club need to be heard.

“That is what Pitch Sports is delivering: collating the fans collective voice and feed the views back to Boards and Managers so that they really know how that loss or ‘Marque’ signing has gone down.”

Hubby Paul, who is a stockbroker, is a tiny bit jealous of the amazing sports people his wife gets to meet through her job but Susannah has no plans to try to solve that gripe.

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