SAS star Jett Kenny slams troll who attacked mum Lisa Curry online

SAS Australia star Jett Kenny has publicly called out a social media troll who accused his mother Lisa Curry of wanting ‘attention’.

After Lisa commented ‘cutie’ on Jett’s Instagram post, a user replied with less than kind words about the Aussie swimming champion.

Jett Kenny.
Jett decided to respond to the troll who attacked his mother Lisa. Photo: Instagram/lisacurry

“You comment [on] every post to get attention,” the person wrote.

It didn’t take long for the 27-year-old model to clap back, replying “who the f**k are you?”.

“My mum comments on every photo, and you think it’s for attention?” his comment continued. “Why don’t you take yourself off the Internet for a while you moron.”


Jett then took to his Instagram story to further explain why he felt it was important to respond to the hater.

“Firstly, they don’t even follow me so they’ve gone out of their way to be annoying,” he began.

“Secondly, I wouldn’t usually do this but you’ve got me at the start of a new mindset so congratulations on your shoutout.

“Thirdly, grow up idiot. Enjoy your Monday and whatever comes from this.”

Jett Kenny's Instagram story.
The former SAS Australia cast member explained his decision on his Instagram story. Photo: Instagram/jettkenny

The TV personality also shared that he has since been blocked by the social media user.

A number of followers decided to comment their support for Lisa, saying the troll sounds like “a very bitter person”.

“Jealousy is a curse and such a waste of energy,” one person wrote.

“Clearly you don't understand the bond between a mother and her son,” another directed towards the hater.

Jett Kenny and Lisa Curry.
Followers shared their support for Lisa after Jett slammed the hater. Photo: Instagram/lisacurry

The drama comes a day after Lisa revealed that she is still struggling with the death of her and ex-husband Grant Kenny’s daughter Jaimi Kenny.

Jaimi passed away last year from a long-term illness at the age of 33.

“Thank you to my hubby for everything,” Lisa captioned a post of herself and Grant on Instagram. “He’s so caring and supportive. I couldn’t get through each day without him at the moment.

“One step, one day at a time,” she added, alongside the hashtag ‘baby steps’.

Jett Kenny and his sister Jaimi.
Jett’s sister Jaimi passed away last year aged 33. Photo: Instagram/jettkenny

After his sister Jaimi’s death, Jett shared a heart-breaking tribute on social media.

“You were my second mother, you were my biggest sister, you were my friend, and you were a fighter until the very end,” he wrote in the lengthy post.

“I will miss you dearly, but cherish the moments we had together greatly.

“I love you so much, and I will see you again at some point.”

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