'Hard to watch': Fans disgusted over brutal SAS scenes

SAS Australia fans who watched the show's first season last year will know the boxing challenge is one of the hardest to watch.

Viewers have shared that it was "hard to watch" the matches this year as 28-year-old Jessica Peris being forced into a fight with former Olympian Kerri Pottharst, 56.

Jessica and Kerri ready to box
SAS Australia fans have slammed scenes of a boxing match between 28-year-old Jessica Peris and Kerri Pottharst, 56. Photo: Seven

The fight saw Jessica swinging wildly with Kerri copping numerous hits to the head and body and rather than giving up, she simply keeps taking the hits.

It wasn't just difficult for viewers, but also for the other contestants who were forced to watch the carnage.


Bonnie Anderson was clearly distressed and holding back tears while watching, while Koby Abberton seemed to be triggered as he recalled the abuse his mum faced when he was younger.

"Don’t hit too hard on her face. That’s wrong. Stop..." he's heard saying.

In a voiceover, he adds, "My life has been around violence — violence towards women, that’s my mum’s life. I have a five-year-old — I don’t want him to grow up the way I grew up. I don’t want him see that sort of violence."

Kerri and Jessica's boxing match
It was difficult to watch Kerri being hit over and over again. Photo: Seven
Kerri is knocked to the ground
Eventually, Kerri fell to the ground and the fight was done. Photo: Seven

Eventually, Kerri falls to the ground and the fight is over. Later, a tearful Jessica hugs her and apologises.

"I'm so sorry," she says through the tears. "That was the most disrespectful thing I've ever done."

Thankfully, Kerri doesn't hold grudges it would seem, because she hugs Jessica and tells her, "It's totally OK. I'm fine."

"I just didn't even get a chance, you were like boom, boom, boom, boom," she added. "Where did that girl come from?"

"I'm sorry mate," Jessica tells her.

Jessica apologised to Kerri
Jessica apologised to Kerri in tears, but Kerri assured her she was fine. Photo: Seven

"It's OK, you got me some good ones," Kerri said through a laugh.

"You trooper," Jessica adds.

One Twitter user wrote, "Hard to watch the fight," while others commended Kerri for her "great effort".

"Could at least pair up people who are more evenly matched, Kerry and Jessica weren't close," another wrote.

"Jessica talks about the honour of her people etc, then punches from behind.. Poor look," one viewer said, slamming Jessica.

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