SAS Australia's Manu ​​Feildel reveals real reason behind dramatic exit

Professional chef Manu ​​Feildel has spoken out after voluntarily leaving SAS Australia this week.

Manu handed in his number to the DS during this week’s episodes of the show after Ant Middleton explained the ‘Death by Drowning’ task to the recruits, where they were lowered into the water strapped into a jeep. The recruits had to wait 40 seconds underneath the water before they could come up for air.

Manu Feildel on SAS Australia
Manu Feildel has opened up about his dramatic SAS Australia exit. Photo: Channel 7

"If you f**k this up, we will be dragging your carcasses out of the water and f**king pumping the water out of your lungs," Ant said.

Overcome with fear, Manu stood up and immediately decided to leave the competition.

Now, he’s taken to his Instagram account to post an inspirational quote, writing: “Worry about your character, not your reputation.

“Your character is who you are. Your reputation is who people think you are”


Fellow SAS recruit Erin Holland commented saying: “Love this” alongside a love heart emoji.

Aussie singer Ricki-Lee Coulter commented with three clapping hands emojis.

"I came on this course to prove something to myself, and I just realised I don't need to prove anything," Manu said after he quit the show.

"I've got a f**king good life. I've got a f**king good life, and I want it back."

Manu Feildel sitting down on SAS Australia
Manu said he suffers from claustraphobia. Photo: Channel 7

He was then filmed crying as he Facetimed his wife and daughter telling them he was coming home.

Speaking on The Morning Show yesterday, Manu said it was the fear of a previous challenge that was one of the big factors in his decision to quit the show.

“I wasn’t relaxed at all, inside I was boiling, I was freaking out. The previous day there was this tunnel you had to go through which I didn’t get to do, because Sam Burgess was in there for too long," he said.

“We were promised that we would be doing that again in the next few days and I lost sleep over that already. Claustrophobia is something that I suffer from.

“I thought I’d give the next day a go to see what was on offer.

“When I saw the jeep hanging from a crane over the water, I knew what would happen ... I was out, there was no way I would change my mind."

Sam Burgess was stuck in a tunnel for 40 minutes after the recruits were given a task to see how well they dealt with claustrophobia, with each of them required to crawl through a 25 metre underground wormhole.

Sam Burgess on SAS Australia
Sam Burgess spent 40 minutes trying to get through the wormhold tunnel. Photo: Channel 7

Later in the episode, Bra Boy Koby Abberton was caught out cutting corners, doing 15 press ups instead of the instructed 30. After failing to own up, he was hauled over the coals by the DS.

“I feel pretty bad about this whole situation,” a defiant Koby told his fellow recruits, who were now all on high alert awaiting a beasting. “I just f*cked up, I counted wrong.”

The cheating scandal is set to continue on next week’s episodes of the show.

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