SAS Australia star Stephanie Rice has found love again: 'Special'

"I never would have expected the year to end this way!"

Former SAS Australia star and Olympian Stephanie Rice has debuted her new romance with former soldier Dane Christison, with the couple spending a white Christmas together overseas.

Stephanie first soft-launched her new man on Instagram, saying she didn't expect her year to end with someone by her side.

"I never would have expected the year to end this way!! Giving my life to God, following His call to move my life to Dubai, meeting you on my first week at Church in Brisbane and spending our first Christmas together in New York," she captioned the post.

She today uploaded a new video of the happy pair celebrating a white Christmas.

"This White Christmas with you was more special than I could have imagined," she captioned the post, tagging her new beau.

Stephanie Rice and new boyfriend Dane
Stephanie Rice has hard-launched her new boyfriend Dane on Instagram. Photo:

Stephanie Rice 'struggled' post swimming career

The swimming champ opened up on SAS Australia earlier this year about how she struggled when her swimming career came to an end.

“I really struggled. I felt really lost after I finished swimming. I didn't feel like I had any purpose or any direction and I didn't feel like anybody understood,” she told Ant Middleton.


When asked if she’s still struggling now, nearly ten years after her retirement, Stephanie said ‘it’s harder’.

“It’d be nice to have somebody to go through the harder times with,’ she said. “I would love to have somebody to help ride the waves."

Stephanie Rice crying Ant Middleton
Stephanie Rice starred in SAS Australia this year. Photo: Seven

After immersing herself in Christianity and moving to Dubai, it appears as though Stephanie's wishes have come true after meeting Dane.

"Lovely to see you so happy Steph," one fan commented, while another said, "You are shining and happy. Enjoy your beginnings."

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