SAS Australia spoiler alert! Rumours swirl of final three recruits

WARNING: Possible spoilers ahead

There may still be three weeks left before an SAS Australia recruit is crowned the winner but rumours are already starting to swirl about who takes out the coveted title.

17 Aussie celebs started out on the journey, training in punishing conditions which has drawn in audiences all over Australia.

SAS Australia recruits 2020
17 recruits started out on SAS Australia. Photo: Channel Seven

However, while we take our hats off to all 17 of them, the Daily Mail reckons they’ve figured out who makes it to the final three.

According to the publication, comedian Merrick Watts, rugby union player Nick Cummins and AFLW star Sabrina Frederick are the ones who will battle it out at the end of the show.

While there’s no indication where they got their information from, the report may come as no surprise to fans of the show, with all three recruits pushing themselves to the limit on the series and seriously impressing the staff.


The Honey Badger on SAS Australia
According to a report in the Daily Mail, Nick Cummins makes it to the final three. Photo: Channel Seven

During the course of the show, many of the recruits had their calorie intake drastically reduced to as low as 1,400 per day, they had no access to hot water and there were no flushing toilets.

46-year-old Merrick Watts called the experience ‘life changing” and said it’s “possibly the most rewarding and enlightening thing” he has ever accomplished.

Merrick prepared for the course by doing strength training as well as cardio and HIIT. He also did six-hour pack marches with a 40kg bag on his back and did extensive cold water training.

Meanwhile, 33-year-old Nick Cummins said the experience forced him to explore his resilience.

Merrick Watts on SAS Australia
Comedian Merrick Watts also reportedly makes it to the end. Photo: Channel Seven
Sabrina Frederick on SAS Australia 2020
AFLW star Sabrina Frederick has impressed the staff on the show. Photo: Channel Seven

The Gold Coast local mainly prepared by focusing on endurance training and practiced mindfulness so he was ready to commit to any challenge.

Melbourne Richmond player, 23-year-old Sabrina Frederick, called the course the ‘toughest thing’ she’s done physically, emotionally and mentally.

Other than her regular training she does for football, Sabrina prepared by running treks with a weighted vest and SAS boots. She also “did a hell of a lot of military push-ups, sit-ups and pull-ups.”

Tonight, recruits are tasked with a hostage rescue mission as SAS Australia continues at 7:30pm on Channel Seven.

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