Disgusting SAS Australia moment shocks viewers: 'Pigs!'

Two more celebrities quit SAS Australia during a brutal challenge on Monday night’s episode, but it was a ‘housekeeping’ moment that really shocked viewers.

Eden Dally and Shayna Jack decided they had reached their limits on the demanding reality show. Though it seemed they were lucky in the end not to have to been tasked the disgusting job of emptying the communal toilet bucket by hand.

sas australia emptying toilet
Candice, Ali, Firass and Shannan drew the short straw. Photo: Channel 7

That duty was handed to Ali Oetjen, Candice Warner, and the ‘feuding’ Firass Dirani and Shannan Ponton.

And while it was clearly a four-man job - to lift the toilet bucket lined with a plastic bag and dump it into a larger metal barrel - there were only two hazmat suits available.

In the end Firass and Shannan scored the protective gear that came complete with gloves and a face shield, leaving Ali and Candice without any cover.

Cover, which it turned out, they desperately would have preferred, as the moment they had lifted the toilet bucket the garbage bag splits open and the bucket crashes to the ground.

“Don’t rip it!” Ali shrieked in vain, as the four of them were literally splashed with human waste.


Candice could be seen wiping poo from her face, with viewers taking to Twitter to share their disgust at the gross moment.

“These guys enjoy seeing others being degraded? Pigs,” one outraged fan wrote.

“Emptying the toilet is what would make me quit,” another said.

While a third quipped: “This sh** wouldn’t fly down at choice bro caravan park.”

sas australia human waste
The s*** literally went everywhere. Photo: Channel 7

Eden Dally became the fifth SAS Australia contestant to exit the show, after a traumatic past experience with the ocean reared its head, preventing him from completing a treacherous ocean rope challenge.

The 28-year-old was unable to complete a cat crawl across a rope stretched between two cliff faces with the thundering ocean yawning beneath, after the sight triggered memories of a 2015 tragedy that saw him witness a drowning at a popular beach.

The new dad revealed to Yahoo Lifestyle the harrowing details of the experience that saw him come unstuck.

“It kind of just brought back these bad memories that just got into my head that day,” he said.

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