SAS Australia: Honey Badger's shock confession about dark past

Fans have praised Nick ‘Honey Badger’ Cummins after he opened up about his dark past on SAS Australia last night.

The 33-year-old rugby union player was sharing some of his most shameful memories in an emotional Honesty Test, where he said he regrets telling his father, Mark Cummins, to “F off” when he tried to help him out of a “dark space”.

Nick Cummins on SAS Australia 2020
Nick Cummins opened up about his dark past on last night's SAS Australia. Photo: Channel Seven

“For me, when I was 13, I was going through a pretty tough time at school. Gangs and stuff … death threats,” Nick said.

“I was trying to handle it and my old man tried to help me. I was in a dark space and I told him to F off.

“Because, his brother was murdered, stabbed. And I didn’t want him to go through anything like that – but I added much more pain onto that when I told him that. And he didn’t flog me, which made it even worse.

Honey Badger carrying water on SAS Australia
Nick said one of his biggest regrets is telling his dad to 'F off' when he tried to help him out of a 'dark place'. Photo: Nigel Wright

“And now he’s got terminal cancer. And I think that situation has driven me through my career to work harder to try prove to him that I’m deserving of his love. And I just wanna make that happen before it’s too late.”

Fans flocked to social media to commend the Gold Coast star, with one person writing: “I’m really liking the Honey Badger - I thought he seemed like a good bloke on the Bachelor, but he’s really shining now.”

Another person said the show has shown them a different side to the rugby player.


Nick Cummins carrying out a challenge on SAS Australia
Last week, it was rumoured that Nick makes it down to the final three recruits. Photo: Nigel Wright
Nick Cummins on SAS Australia in 2020
Fans were impressed by Nick opening up about his past. Photo: Nigel Wright

“Honey badger is REALLY redeeming himself after being on that awful Bachelor show - good on him,” one person wrote.

“I have to say the Honey Badger copped a lot of crap on The Bachelor - but really he was just calling his own emotions and it is a set up show. On this show he is showing his true colours and he's doing really well,” another said.

Another person simply wrote: “Bloody hell i'd love to have a beer with the Honey Badger.”

Last week, it was speculated that Nick makes it down to the final three recruits on the show.

The Daily Mail reported comedian Merrick Watts, rugby union player Nick Cummins and AFLW star Sabrina Frederick are the ones who will battle it out at the end of the show.

Nick said the experience forced him to explore his resilience.

He mainly prepared by focusing on endurance training and practiced mindfulness so he was ready to commit to any challenge.

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