SAS Australia 2023: 'Cocaine Cassie's' real salary revealed

Despite initial reports that Cassie Sainsbury took home a six figure sum, that isn't actually the case.

Convicted drug smuggler 'Cocaine Cassie’ Sainsbury may have quit SAS: Australia after just a couple of days, but Yahoo Lifestyle Australia can reveal the aspiring fitness influencer's time on the show was definitely worth it.

Despite recent reports suggesting she took home a ‘six-figure salary’ and 'was one of the highest paid cast members this year’ - an insider has revealed this isn't quite the case.

Cassie Sainsbury on SAS Australia
Cassie Sainsbury appeared on SAS Australia 2023. Photo: Channel 7

Instead, a well-placed media source tells Yahoo Lifestyle that Cassie's fee was approximately $40,000, and just slightly above what other cast members had secured, and there was a reason she didn't demand more.

“The network didn't have to pay more as everyone knew Cassie needed the show more than the show needed her," the source said.

"Since her initial tell-all chats when she returned to Australia, the offers have dried up and she's struggled finding work. This was her one opportunity to show Australia the real her and hopefully move on with her life."


During her exit interview, Cassie echoed a similar sentiment and explained how she hopes to now finally rid herself of her ‘Cocaine Cassie’ nickname.

'Cocaine Cassie' on SAS Australia
There as a reason Cassie didn't demand more money. Photo: Channel 7

"When I leave the SAS course, 'Cocaine Cassie' dies there. That's it. She doesn't follow me around anymore. I'm just Cassie, but I am the Cassie who has gone through a lot. I've come out the other side stronger, with more resilience, and I hope to be able to prove everyone wrong,” she said.

Ahead of the premiere episode of the show, New Idea reported that Cassie was one of the “highest paid of the cast this year” with a six-figure salary.

A source told the publication that Cassie, who served three years in a Colombian prison after she was caught with 5.8kgs of cocaine in her luggage in 2017, was “very excited” about filming the show.

“Cassie has been struggling,” they added. “It’s hard for her to find work… her CV isn’t for everyone”.

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