Woman, 27, defends age gap relationship with husband, 55: 'Adore him'

A woman who is 28 years younger than her husband has hit back at trolls who call him a ‘pervert’ due to their age gap relationship.

Youtubers Sarah Henderson, 27, and Darin Henderson, 55, eloped in January of this year, only three months after their first face to face meeting, but eight months on after tying the knot, the pair are more in love than ever.

"I've been called a gold digger once or twice. But this is so untrue as Darin does not bring in a huge amount of money that I would want to be with him for that reason," Sarah said.

Youtubers Sarah Henderson, 27, and Darin Henderson, 55
Youtubers Sarah Henderson, 27, and Darin Henderson, 55, eloped in January of this year. Photo: Caters News

"I adore him for his humour, his love, his kindness. Not his money," she added.

"I dislike it when people call Darin a pervert but it’s also easy to brush off. I know he’s not and that word is so far from describing him that it just seems absurd."

The couple from Kansas City, US, began talking in the comment sections of one another’s YouTube channels when they decided to finally meet in person.

In their first face to face meeting, Darin drove 12 hours from Missouri to visit Sarah, who lived in Michigan at the time, after five hours of talking, they knew this was something special.

"I drove away from our first meeting absolutely in love because she was everything that I thought she would be plus more, I was sky high driving away that night and giddy," Darin said.


“I saw her comment on a YouTube video and I agreed with what she said so I replied to comment and then I contacted her and liked each other’s channels.

“I watched all of her videos and I knew that I like her a lot. We then started emailing back and forth until we spoke on the phone

“We connected very quickly, I ended up enjoying it a lot."

Sarah Henderson, 27, and Darin Henderson, 55 age gap relationship
They've now started their own YouTube channel called ‘AgeGapAdventures’ . Photo: Caters News

Upon hearing about the relationship, Sarah’s dad was reluctant in accepting the 55-year-old, however after an uneventful meeting with him only a few weeks ago, Sarah and Darin are confident he is warming up

“My dad was scared for me, my dad thought I was a young vulnerable girl," Sarah said.

“He said that I recently got out of a relationship and that I’m impressionable.

“He was not very happy about things at first, my mum wasn’t as well but mum and Darin get along really well.

“I knew Darin was really special; I didn’t know I was as going to marry him so quickly but there was a strong connection, and I didn’t want to deny that was true.

“There was a spark, he was really romantic and sent me lullabies and songs and I loved who he was.”

After starting their own YouTube channel ‘AgeGapAdventures’ the couple say the feedback has been mostly positive, however there are trolls.

Darin said the main assumptions are that he is a 'pervert' or that Sarah is after money.

"I worry about that. People think that I only like her because she’s young," he admitted. “It’s surprising cause she’s 27 and she’s an adult, it’s not like I fell in love with a twelve-year-old.

“I kind of feel that at times, people think that we don’t have anything to talk about which is crazy cause we talk all the time, we are together 24 hours a day and we never run out things to say.

“We had a live stream one time and a person who we didn’t know made a negative comment about her being a gold digger and me being old.

“But luckily, most people just love us as a couple.”

Reporting by Caters News.

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