Samantha Armytage puts Sunrise 'feud' rumours to bed

Sunrise weatherman Sam Mac may have recently revealed he sometimes 'annoys' his co-stars on the breakfast program, but former host Samantha Armytage clearly isn't holding a grudge.

Despite rumours the Sams were in an apparent 'long-standing' feud while she worked on the show, Sam Armytage proved the pair are on good terms with a series of posts on Instagram this week promoting her ex-colleague's new book Accidental Weatherman.

sunrise hosts sam armytage, sam mac and kochie
Weatherman Sam Mac admitted he did sometimes annoy his co-stars. Photo: Instagram

Samantha shared a photo of her dog Banjo licking the book's front cover, alongside the caption: "Banjo Armytage mentioned on pages 4, 7, 9, 11. and 148."

She then shared a second photo of the first page of Sam's book, which had been signed by Sam and his cat Coco.

"We love it!" she added.


Photo: Instagram/Samanthaarmytate
Photo: Instagram/Samanthaarmytate

In the book itself, Sam Mac referred to Armytage as his "big sister on the show", writing "I loved discovering that you have a sense of humour as dark and twisted as mine."

Samantha Armytage quit Sunrise after eight years earlier this year, with veteran newsreader Natalie Barr taking her place at the desk alongside David 'Kochie' Koch.

Samantha Armytage on Sunrise
Samantha Armytage left Sunrise after eight years. Photo: Instagram/samanthaarmytage

Speaking to Yahoo Lifestyle recently, Sam Mac did say "there are many examples where they're [his co-stars] annoyed."

"Look, I get indifference sometimes from the other hosts. But thankfully, they're generally very supportive," he said.

Sam admitted to wholeheartedly embracing his role as the 'annoying little brother' to the likes of Kochie and Nat, as well as her predecessor Samantha. And he has a pretty good excuse for getting up to mischief, really.

"We have to do a lot of TV," he explains. "You know, I've done something like 25,000 minutes of TV on Sunrise, so we have to fill a lot of space."

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