Sagittarius Daily Horoscope – 04 January 2022

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Your Love Life in 2022…

Your best moments in 2022 may be the realisation you’ve achieved a domestic dream. Up until May is especially bright and again from October, where large-scale progress is likely at home. It’s a year to play Happy Families. The anticipation of a growing family could be likely too. Be watchful of differing desires around late October. You might need to curb your enthusiasm then or, become increasingly curious about what someone else wants. This period is perfect for rekindling the spark that was felt mid-year, especially if you’re lacking in quality time with someone or other aspects of life have become a distraction.
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Power Dates: April 12 – special moments at home are possible. September 1 – good for romance. October 28 – second chances for your personal life.

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