The royal names in the running for Meghan and Harry's new son

Harry and Meghan are officially parents. Photo: Getty

Meghan and Prince Harry are now parents to a healthy baby boy.

And now that the new royal baby is finally here, the next pressing question is, what will Meghan and Harry name him?

Reactions immediately began to pour in on Twitter, with many starting to offer ideas for what the new parents could call their son — who is seventh in line for the throne.

Prince Harry, in speaking to the press, said they’ve yet to decide what they will call their new son.

“The baby’s a little bit overdue so we’ve had a little bit of time to think about it, that’s the next bit,” Prince Harry said.

“For us we’ll be seeing you guys in probably two days time as planned.”

As the world patiently awaits the official name, here are five predictions making the rounds — through various polls — on on the internet.

A beaming new dad. Photo: Getty


The Telegraph, pulling from sports betting platform Ladbrokeslists the top predicted name for the royal baby as Albert. It’s no surprise, given that Albert is the most popular boy name among males in the royal family, according to the Independent, there have been 12 royal babies named Albert since 1819, including Queen Elizabeth II’s great-great grandfather. The name is of English origin and means “noble” and “bright.”


On the UK betting platform Coral, the top predicted name is Arthur, with five to one odds. A name with a rich history in the royal family, Arthur is both Prince William’s middle name, as well as that of his second son, Prince Louis. The name dates back to King Arthur from the 5th century, and has been used as a middle name for many, including Queen Elizabeth II’s father.


Second on Coral’s prediction (and fifth on Ladbrokes) is Philip, the name of Prince William and Harry’s grandfather. The Telegraph calls the name a “rogue contender”, noting that only two royals have held the name — James VII's brother-in-law Prince Philippe I and Prince Philip, Queen Elizabeth’s longtime husband. The name is reportedly of Greek origin and means “lover of horses.”


Relatively high on most polls, and one that’s the subject of online speculation, is James — a Scottish name dating back to the 15th century. Fans apparently became suspicious of James being a contender last week after learning that typing “” (as well as “”) leads back to the Palace’s main page, unlike other names which appear with an error. The name is both a nod to centuries of royals with the name, as well as its modern-day ubiquity, classified as the 21st most popular boys name overall in the UK in 2017.


The wildcard on the list of potential names is Spencer, a Royal name dating back hundreds of years, as well as the last name of the late Princess Diana. According to PureWow, Princess Diana called Prince Harry “my little Spencer,” a nod to the fact that his red hair may have come from her side of the family.

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