Kate Middleton's cheeky PDA with William at the BAFTAs divides

The Princess of Wales surprised royal fans with the move.

Kate Middleton has divided royal fans after she was spotted engaging in some cheeky PDA with Prince William on the BAFTAs red carpet. The Prince and Princess of Wales were seen walking down the carpet when Kate cheekily gave her husband a 'love tap', as seen on Vogue Magazine's Instagram account.

Public displays of affection are strongly discouraged among the royals, with William and Kate rarely seen holding hands or sharing a kiss. So, any moment where they are seen to be showing PDA it's viewed as quite significant.

Princess Kate and Prince William at the BAFTAs
Princess Kate has divided royal fans after she was spotted engaging in some cheeky PDA with Prince William at the BAFTAs. Photo: Instagram/VogueMagazine

"Princess Kate gave Prince William a love tap as they arrived to the 2023 #BAFTAs, proving that royals really are just like us— a regular husband and wife that sometimes like to cop a feel," Vogue wrote on Instagram.

Fans were divided over the moment, with one user writing: "That's cute," while another agreed, saying: "Love this."


"Did Kate just smack William's butt? Cheeky!" a third said.

"A good ole smack on the a**e," someone else wrote.

"They are such a cute couple and she looked stunning," one fan added.

However, many observed that Kate appeared to be trying to hold William's hand, and he batted her away, which is why she smacked his behind.

"She’s trying to hold his hand but he pulled away!" one user wrote.

"Why does he not want to hold her hand?" another questioned, with a third agreeing, "Exactly!!! She tried to hold his hand and he pushed it away. Wow, seriously."

"He snatched his hand away so quick…" someone else added.

William and Kate at BAFTAs
Some users pointed out that William seemingly refused to hold his wife's hand, which is why she smacked his behind. Photo: Getty

"It look like she tried to hold his hand and he reminded her it's against protocol," another suggested.

One user even wrote that they thought the moment was "fake", with another adding: "Trying too hard after people pointed out that they barely touch each other anymore. No one buys it!"


Others wrote that if Meghan Markle and Prince Harry were involved in a similar situation, they would be getting slammed for it.

"As soon as I watched this, I thought to myself if Megan did this, she would’ve been called all kinds of names and definitely the headlines would’ve been different," one user wrote.

"Now if Megan had done this to Harry. The headlines would be quite different," another agreed.

"Thought this was unacceptable behaviour, or was that just for Meghan and Harry," a third said.

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