Roxy Jacenko divides fans with extravagant Christmas tree: 'Confused'

PR queen Roxy Jacenko has been getting into the festive spirit early this year, already erecting her glitzy Christmas tree ahead of the holidays. However, the former reality star has divided fans after she shared a snap of her decorations on Instagram.

The SAS star's "masterpiece" is dripping with silver fringe tinsel and features a lopsided silver star on top and a ball of Christmas lights. The tree is wrapped in lights from the top to the base, and decorated with a number of different silver ornaments.

Roxy Jacenko and her over-decorated Christmas tree.
Roxy Jacenko stunned fans with her Christmas tree. Source: Instagram

The tree is sitting on a metallic silver cloth with two disco balls propped beneath the tree. Many fans loved the creation and went wild for the extravagant Christmas tree on social media.

"Love," one simply said.

"This is the best Christmas tree I've ever seen," another said.

"Stunning," a third added while another commented, "This is so fabulous".

Others however were more brutal and took to Instagram to mock Roxy's decoration.

"That's a clusterf*** but at least it's got lights," one savage comment read.

"I didn't know glad wrapping trees was a thing. I might just leave the packing net on mine and call it a vibe," another said.

"Looks like spider webs all over it," a follower wrote.

"I am confused," somebody else commented.


Roxy is known for going all out with her Christmas trees with last year being no exception. The family opted for a white Christmas theme, covering the tree in white snowflakes, ornaments that included ice skates and polar bears and an igloo sitting underneath.

Roxy Jacenko's Christmas tree featuring polar bears and white snowflakes.
Roxy opted for a white Christmas theme for her tree last year. Source: Instagram

Fans lost it over the tree last year, with many saying it was "amazing".

"Gorgeous, love this so much," a comment read.

"This is next level," another stated.

"You always have the BEST tree," a third said.

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