‘The Rookie’ Fans Have Demands as Eric Winter Posts "Crazy" Clue About Season 6 Finale

the rookie season 6 cast eric winter filming instagram
Eric Winter Shares 'The Rookie' Season 6 BTS VideoABC

The Rookie is only a month into airing new episodes of season 6, but it looks like Eric Winter is keying us into what's bound to be an eventful back half of the season.

Ahead of a new installment dropping Tuesday night at 9 p.m. ET on ABC, the actor surprised viewers on Instagram by giving a behind-the-scenes look into filming the upcoming season finale. Eric stands on the back of a moving pickup truck, dressed in tactical gear as Sergeant Tim Bradford, all ready to to shoot an intense scene in front of a green screen. Fans also saw him fight what appeared to be a stuntman, inferring Bradford may be getting into trouble toward the final part of this season's story line.

"Some cool BTS from our last day filming," he excitedly wrote about all the stunts he performed on March 22. "Working with our stunt coordinator for this huge fight sequence on the Disney Infinity stage! This is going to look awesome in the final cut. What a way to wrap up season 6. Get ready for an all new episode next week!!"

Because fans love to see what Eric is up to when it comes to The Rookie, seeing him give a sneak peek at what's to come down the pipeline in season 6 caused a commotion in the comments.

"Omg that’s so cool!! the season finale looks crazy 🤯🔥," one person exclaimed. "Oh my god this is SO COOL?!!?!! WHAT IS HAPPENING 😭😭 VERY excited," another passionately inquired. "This finale is gonna be insaaaane 🔥 Bradford better make it back home to Chen!!" a different follower added, referencing Eric's character's romance with Lucy Chen (Melissa O'Neil).

While we don't know exactly why Eric was playing action hero on the show, we do know LAPD Mid-Wilshire is in for an intense next case.

According to an official press release from ABC, the fourth episode of season 6 (airing March 26) is titled "Training Day." It's Officer Thorsen (Tru Valentino)'s first day back after being shot at in the season 5 finale, where he gets assigned a number of cases to help determine if he's ready to get back into the field. The team is also busy looking into a homicide that may be tied to a previous killer, which will make for quite a heart-pumping hour.

the rookie season 6 cast eric winter filming instagram
Raymond Liu - ABC

Needless to say, we're excited for what's to come!

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