Romee Strijd tried to get pregnant for two years battling PCOS

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Supermodel Romee Strijd has opened up about her battle to get pregnant as she unknowingly struggled with polycystic ovary syndrome.

The 25-year-old is currently seven months pregnant with a baby girl with her husband Laurens van Leeuwen, however, her journey to motherhood hasn’t been easy.

Romee Strijd holding her baby belly in a pink lingerie top
Romee Strijd has opened up about her fertility battle. Photo: Instagram/Romee Strijd

She opened up to Vogue Netherlands, revelaing she spent two years trying to conceive and didn’t get her period for over seven years as she dealt with the health issues stemming from PCOS.

PCOS is a hormonal condition which causes problems in the ovaries and can lead to infertility.

Romee appeared on the cover of Vogue Netherlands' Motherhood Issue, which she said is “entirely dedicated to motherhood and a true ode to all women - with or without kids'.


She opens up in the magazine about her fertility struggle, saying her strict lifestyle saw her go without a period for seven years.

Romee also revealed some of the struggles she’s gone through when she announced her pregnancy online back in May.

Romee Strijd and Laurens van Leeuwen
The 25-year-old is currently seven months pregnant with a baby girl with her husband Laurens van Leeuwen. Photo: Instagram/Romee Strijd

“Two years ago I got diagnosed with PCOS after not getting my period for 7 years. I was devastated because being a mom and starting a family with @laurensvleeuwen is my biggest dream,” she wrote.

"I was so scared that I would never be able to because I got told it was harder to get babies in a natural way. I started to research PCOS and came to the conclusion that mine was not the typical PCOS. Mine was because of my body being in fight or flight mode, which means my body was under constant stress.”

She went on to say that while she menatlly never felt super stressed, her lifestyle consisted of traveling often, working out every day and eating very clean.

"I think I pressured my body too much, and honestly, everybody is so different but I think my weight was not good for my body to function properly and couldn't handle the constant travelling,” she wrote.

Romee decided to cut back on her high intensity training, decided not to restrict her food and took breaks when she needed.

"I also tried some natural supplements, acupuncture and we got a place back in the Netherlands as well, so we could spend more time with family (since im such a family person),” she said,.

Romee was over the moon when her period returned last November and now the couple are expecting their first child together.

“To the women trying to conceive, believe in yourself and be nice for yourself and your body and don’t let those thoughts get to you too much,” she said.

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