Robert Pattinson's Edward Cullen made a surprise appearance at Sydney concert

"The way everyone would cheer, I thought it was someone coming out but it was just Edward popping up."

Sydneysiders were delighted to see a familiar face at a Paramore concert over the weekend, with Robert Pattinson making a special appearance — albeit, in a cardboard cutout form as his character Edward Cullen from Twilight.

Some clever Paramore fans decided to take a cutout of Edward to the show and uploaded a now-viral TikTok of their mission. The TikTok featured Edward catching public transport to the concert in the Domain, Edward keeping himself protected from the rain in a poncho, Edward sweet-talking his way in with security, and Edward finally getting recognised by Hayley Williams of Paramore.

If you're new to this Twilight x Paramore crossover, welcome and take a seat.

cardboard cutout of Edward Cullen wearing a rain poncho
Robert Pattinson's Edward Cullen protects himself from the rain at Paramore's Sydney show. Photo:

In 2008, Paramore wrote and recorded their hit song 'Decode' specifically for the first Twilight movie. It was a banger at the time, and has had another resurgence due to their latest tour and TikTok's ability to turn old hits viral again.


With Paramore selling out Sydney's Domain in the biggest headlining show of their careers thus far, fans were delighted to see Edward there in support, moshing along.

Edward Cullen and Hayley Williams of Paramore
There was a special guest at Paramore's Sydney show over the weekend. Photo:

As the band performed, Edward eventually caught lead singer Hayley William's eye.

"Is that Edward?" Hayley asked. "Hello our love... we missed you," she laughed.

Of course, Edward lost his s*** when 'Decode' was finally played.

The TikTok has now been seen nearly 200,000 times, with over 30,000 likes.


"When the cameraman panned to him during Decode, I was crying," one fan commented.

"The way everyone would cheer randomly, I thought it was someone coming out but it was just always Edward popping up," another said.

"Even up the back, we were all p***ing ourselves laughing," someone commented.

"Nah, thank you for this, this was so great! Hayley's reactions were priceless," another fan said.

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