Robert Irwin Fans Can't Hold It Together After Hearing His American Accent

Robert Irwin

Although Robert Irwin was raised by his American-born mother, Terri Irwin, after his Crocodile Hunter father, Steve Irwin, died in 2006, the 20-year-old very much has an Australian accent. Which is why fans could barely hold it together when Robert switched briefly to an American accent.

On Wed., May 15, Robert shared a clip via Instagram from his "Get Ready With Me" interview with Access Hollywood ahead of the Steve Irwin Gala.

"All right, now before I get dressed, I'm gonna show you guys the all-important skin routine," he announced in the video. "My skincare routine is extensive, very extensive. Here's the first step: You turn the water on."

Of course, because Robert is Australian, he pronounced "water" like "woarder." Then, out of nowhere, he slipped in his American accent.

"Once the 'woarder'—or 'wah-ter,' as you Americans call it—is on, you then do this with your hands," he continued while cupping his hands. "And then, here's the most important step, you do that. Then you get a towel and you wipe it off."

"That's my skincare routine," Robert declared before bursting into laughter.

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In the comments, Robert's Instagram followers could not get over hearing his American accent. One wrote, "Nothing prepared me for him saying water properly 😅."

Another Instagram user declared, "When he says 'water' with an American accent I think I fainted for a second. 🤣"

Yet another fan wrote, "Ok why does he sound good in an American accent 😍," while another confessed, "I rewatched the 'water' probably 15 times. No joke. Lol."

Meanwhile, others suggested Robert could offer more examples of his accent mastery in the future. One person commented, "Oh my gosh lol. Please do a series of videos saying things in an American accent 😂."

Another requested, "Please do a video of you just speaking with an American accent 😂😂😂."

Hopefully, Robert will take into account what the people want and share more examples of his impeccable American accent.

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