Robert Irwin’s Fans Call Him the World’s ‘Most Eligible Bachelor’ After Latest Photo Dump

Robert Irwin

Robert Irwin, the 20-year-old son of Terri Irwin and her late husband Steve, continues to win hearts all around the world.

This time around, fans cheered on the young conservationist as he shared some personal photos of "random moments" from his recent days, including relaxing in his car, having a picnic while watching the sunset, and posing for a photoshoot.

He also shared a video showing what appears to be his experience getting scanned to be made into a wax figure, with Robert holding a pose as he smiled with a camera in his hands. The rest of the snaps showed off some adventures in the wild and a photo of a plane likely from his recent world travel to South Africa.

Fans loved Robert's update, with plenty of complimentary comments calling him "awesome" and "handsome" while a few boldly asked for a date, such as one who wrote, "I wanna go on a picnic with you oml🙈."

"This man is the worlds [sic] most eligible bachelor rn i stg," declared another.

Others just loved seeing Robert enjoy life and rack up his impressive list of accomplishments, with supportive replies that read, "Thank you for showing us lil parts of your journey. Its [sic] so inspiring to see how you and your family do all that you do 🔥," and, "Appreciating the little moments in life is such an important thing to do :)."

Fans have been calling Robert a heartthrob for a while now, and he recently addressed the title in an interview with Parade, saying, "It's not a title I think I've quite come to terms with yet. But thank you, I will take it."

Irwin recently traveled to South Africa to partner up with the South African Wildlife Rescue for work, and some of his snaps from his new photo dump are likely from the trip. While there, he even encountered some unexpected wildlife in his hotel room, with Irwin sharing a funny video of a monkey paying him a short visit.

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