Robert Irwin and girlfriend Rorie appear in first video together for date night at Australia Zoo

Robert Irwin and Rorie Buckey are truly living their best lives at just 19-year-old.

They made their relationship Instagram official in August and now Robert Irwin and Rorie Buckey have posted their first adorable video together online.

The couple, both 19, are showcasing the best of Australia Zoo’s cuisine options in the footage, bringing fans along on one of their very lavish date nights.

“Hey guys,” Rorie can be heard saying as Robert jumps into the frame and waves at the camera.

Robert Irwin and Rorie Buckey
Robert Irwin and Rorie Buckey have appeared in their first Instagram video together. Photo: Instagram/Robert Irwin

“So tonight, we’re going to Warrior Restaurant and Bar,” Rorie continues, with Robert adding: “And we are going to take you with us whether you like it or not.”

Robert then drives the pair to the restaurant in his Jeep, pulling up outside the Zoo’s The Crocodile Hunter Lodge before they’re seated in the private dining area.


Robert and Rorie then both taste test the restaurant’s new drink for summer before they indulge in a fine dining menu from the top-class chefs at the resort.

“The Lodge itself is right on zoo property,” Robert says, adding: “Warrior is open to everyone, even if you’re not staying at The Lodge you can come in. So that’s why Rorie and I are here pretty much every night.”

The couple laugh, with Rorie adding “every night” as Robert beams in front of her.

Robert Irwin eating at Australia Zoo
The couple went on a date night to Warrior restaurant. Photo: Instagram/Robert Irwin

Fans lost it over the video, with many of their US followers unable to believe the pair are old enough to drink. In America, the legal drinking age is 21, while in Australia it’s 18.

Meanwhile, other fans thought the pair looked ‘so sweet together’.

“Omg so cute we need more Robert and rorie date nights!!! you are so cute,.”

Another fan commented making light of the fact that Robert took his girlfriend out to the family-run restaurant.

“Take her somewhere you don’t eat for free. I’m just kidding (low key not kidding) that place is amazing tho!! It’s definitely on my bucket list to rent a cabin," they wrote.

Rober Irwin and Rorie Buckey drinking cocktails at Australia Zoo
The couple sipped on cocktails and enjoyed fine-dining. Photo: Instagram/Robert Irwin

Others couldn’t get over the ‘bitter’ comments from people who wished they were in Rorie’s spot.

“I think in this case females are a bit upset but very happy for him cz they know the Irwins are nothing but angels on earth and being jealous is not something their fans would do, more like best wishes,” one fan said about the comments.

Robert and Rorie are official

The couple made their red carpet debut at the Sydney premiere of Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One in July.

Robert Irwin and Rorie Buckey on the red carpet
The couple made their red carpet debut in July. Photo: Getty Images

In August, it was reported that Robert is planning on leaving the family business behind so he can move to Western Australia to be with his love.

Rorie, who is the niece of the late Heath Ledger, is finishing her studies in WA and Robert apparently wants to join her there so they can see more of each other.

However, that hasn't happened yet, despite the pair declaring their love for each other on Instagram and Robert's mum, Terri Irwin, giving them the seal of approval.

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