Richard Wilkins confirms COVID-19 recovery after five tests

Richard Wilkins has finally been cleared of coronavirus after more than 20 days in isolation, and 15 days after he tested positive to COVID-19.

The Channel Nine star confirmed he would be returning to screens this weekend, and shared the negative diagnosis with a hilarious Instagram video on Tuesday, revealing corona has left the building – literally.

Richard Wilkins places Corona beer carton in recycling bin
Richard Wilkins is corona-free – in all senses of the word. photo: Instagram/richardwilkins

The entertainment reporter shared a video of him placing an empty carton of Corona beer in the bin after he earlier revealed many fans had decided to send the Mexican beverage as a cheeky get well soon gift.

“...and Coronavirus you’re outta here!” the overjoyed host wrote alongside the video.

“I’ve been cleared to return to work by the incredible team at NSW Health.”

Richard took to his Instagram story this afternoon to confirm he would be back on the air this weekend, returning to his roles on Weekend Today and Smooth FM, and hinted he would be working to help people ‘doing it tough’ amid the pandemic.

He also took the opportunity to thank the essential service workers for their efforts.

“I just take my hat off to the health workers, the government officials, our politicians, the army, the police everyone who is just doing such an incredible job battling this damn thing,” he said in the emotional video.

Richard Wilkins in Instagram story video confirming TV and radio return after COVID-19 experience
Richard Wilkins confirmed he would be returning to screens after being cleared of COVID-19 . Photo: Instagram/richardwilkins

“We all know what we've got to do, we just gotta do it, and we'll get through this thing together,” he concluded.

Some fans irate over multiple tests

The news comes after regular updates from the entertainment veteran rubbed some fans up the wrong way.

Some took to the star’s comments to point out that with tests potentially running low, the star using at least five kits could be interpreted as excessive.

Richard Wilkins is given coronavirus test five days after testing positive.
Some fans argued Richard's multiple tests were a waste of resources. Photo: Instagram/richardwilkins

“Stop using all the tests up please,” one woman wrote. “There [are] not enough tests to go around. Stay inside longer you’re not that special.”

Many pointed out that the host could have waited out the fourteen-day isolation period and have submitted for a second test after that time, rather than take a second test just five days into his isolation period, and a third and fourth just nine days after the first.

The star returned a negative diagnosis almost exactly two weeks after his diagnosis.

All seemed to have been forgiven and forgotten by the time Richard announced his recovery however, with overjoyed fans flooding the 65-year-old’s post with congratulations.

“Fantastic news legend!!!” Guy Sebastian wrote.

“Party at your place?” joked radio host Wippa.

Co-Host Fitzy got in on the action as well, sharing a sweet sentiment that he will presumably save until social distancing is relaxed.

“You bloody legend,” he wrote. “I need to hug you again.”

“Hurrah!” said actor Sam Neill, while son Christian Wilkins said he “can’t wait to give [him] the biggest hug”.

Richard was one of more than 4,707 cases confirmed in Australia as of April 1st at 6:00 am.

20 have died from COVID-19 in Australia so far.

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