Richard Wilkins shares coronavirus update after fourth test

Sarah Carty
Features & Style Editor

Richard Wilkins has shared an update on his coronavirus diagnosis, after getting a fourth test to check if he’s in the all clear. 

The 65-year-old has been in self-isolation for 12 days and nine days ago he got his first positive result.

Richard was then tested again four days ago and on Monday, receiving positive results both times. Yesterday, he was tested again.

Richard Wilkins has tested positive again for coronavirus. Photo: Instagram/Richard Wilkins

“So .... I’ve now returned a positive result THREE times... still can’t believe it as I still have ZERO symptoms,” the 65-year-old wrote on Instagram.

“They tested me again today ,.. and hopefully will return a NEGATIVE result. Fingers crossed!!! The suggestion is .... that 3 days after the last symptom ...people should ‘assume’ that they’re over this thing ... and ‘proceed with caution.

 “I find this totally unacceptable and irresponsible. I completely understand the fact that the last thing the Health Dept wants to do is spend days retesting people like me... and God knows that I don’t want to soak up resources... but I don’t see how I can walk out my front door until I have a clean ‘bill of health’.”

Richard went on to say he knows the “health system is fighting a huge battle and resources are stretched but in clear conscience I can’t put others at risk until I’m assured that I’m not POSITIVE anymore.”

He said he can’t return to work until he’s had two negative tests 24 hours apart. He went on to say that if yesterday’s test comes back positive then they’ll test him again on Friday and hopefully if that comes back negative they’ll test him again 24 hours later.

This is the fourth time Richard has been tested for the coronavirus after first testing positive nearly two weeks ago. 

Just a few days later, he said he was going through a ‘crisis in his life’ but wasn’t experiencing any symptoms and was optimistic he’s healthy enough to fight anything that comes his way. 

Richard has been in self-isolation for 12 days. Photo: Instagram/Richard Wilkins

“I am showing completely zero symptoms and speaking to some of these incredibly professional doctors and health experts they are saying, so when did you get sick?  Who did you meet before - and I said "I haven't been sick and I'm not sick",” he said on Today Extra.

Then last weekend, the 65-year-old was tested again saying that he had still experienced no symptoms.

“I got retested on Thursday and got another bad phone call yesterday, saying that I was still positive,” he said in an Instagram story.

The Channel Nine entertainment presenter said despite his tests, he is feeling fine and even believes he may have finally kicked the virus.

He said his only symptom, a small tickle in the back of his throat, disappeared that morning which he hoped was sign of a turn in the tide.

“I really feel that this thing has left me now so fingers crossed,” he said.

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