RHOS stars reveal 'cringeworthy' moments caught on camera: 'Couldn't watch'

"The cringe factor for me was the worst."

The Real Housewives of Sydney stars Victoria Montano, Caroline Gaultier and Sally Obermeder have revealed to Yahoo Lifestyle that watching the show back has not been the easiest task. The reality stars reveal they have been left cringing over things they'd done when the show was filmed earlier this year.

Despite Victoria being part of one of the biggest scandals of the show, which has been referred to as 'fur-gate' by the other ladies, it seems as though Caroline is having the hardest time watching the show.

"The cringe factor for me was the worst," Caroline told us. "I'd be sitting there and I'd have to turn it off. For the first two weeks I didn't even watch it – I couldn't. I ran away to Hawaii onto a volcano just to make sure there was no reception."

"And then [you] sent a message saying, 'There's no reception here!'" Victoria joked.

"'How is it guys, tell me!'" Sally added, also impersonating Caroline.

The Real Housewives of Sydney have revealed their 'cringeworthy' moments, with one saying they 'couldn't watch' the show at all. Photo: Yahoo Australia
The Real Housewives of Sydney have revealed their 'cringeworthy' moments, with one saying they 'couldn't watch' the show at all. Photo: Yahoo Australia

Caroline added that for at least the first three episodes, she couldn't watch, saying, "And when I watched it, it took me a whole week just to get through it, because of the cringe factor. And I think everyone's the same – it's like, I don't feel comfortable watching myself on TV."

Victoria explains that while she certainly cringed during some moments, she knew it was the "editing" that made her feel that way, adding she "can't control that".


"I know that there's like five minutes of conversation that's just been cut out, and then it comes back to my face and I'm like [makes angry face], and it looks like I'm so upset about something, but they didn't show the actual thing, so I can't control that," Victoria says.

"The one thing that I did say, that I cringe about is about the tipping, and I was like, 'The last place that I tipped was my yacht in the south of France.' Now it is true, but it sounds like I'm a f**king idiot!"

Victoria singing on the Real Housewives of Sydney
Victoria revealed the only reason she sang in episode six was because her friend, an up-and-coming singer, asked her to so he would get screen time. Photo: Binge

Caroline jumped in and asked Victoria if she was embarrassed by the scene where she sang at a party in episode six.

"No, because I was doing that for my friend!" Victoria said, defending the hilariously cringeworthy scene, adding she did it because her friend, who's an up-and-coming singer, wanted to be on TV, and he knew the only way it would happen was if she sang.

"Oh really? I'm sorry, I'm sorry, but I laughed, I couldn't stop laughing," Caroline said, giggling.


"That's the editing, obviously, you guys were teasing me, but I knew the reason why I did it," Victoria responded, adding she wanted to do something for her friend.

"I thought you were showcasing your talents!" Caroline quipped, with Victoria telling her that wasn't the case.

"Oh, so we're on the same page!" Caroline replied cheekily.

We see what you're saying there, Caroline!

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