Masked Singer's rhino accidentally outs himself in radio gaffe

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WARNING: Possible spoilers ahead

Brendan Fevola may have some explaining to do after an on-air gaffe appeared to have revealed the identity of one of the unknown celebrities on The Masked Singer Australia.

While hosting his radio show Fifi, Fev and Byron alongside co-hosts Fifi Box and Byron Cooke, Brendan was grilled over rumours he was the man behind the rhino’s mask.

On Tuesday night, judge Danni Minogue’s official guess was that I’m a Celeb winner Brendan was the man under the horns – a fact Fifi wasn’t about to let slide.

“I can't say too much,” was Brendan’s response to his co-host’s questions.

“I had so many people texting me, texting Alex and we couldn't really write back because we're under... secrecy,” he went on.

“You're only under secrecy if it is you. So what are you trying to say?” Fifi asked immediately.

Brendan Fovolau seems to have identified himself as the Rhino on air. Photo: Facebook/fififevandbyron

A sheepish Brendan bit his tongue on that one, but the cat, or rhino, was most certainly out of the bag – unless of course, you believe it’s a double bluff.

What do the clues say

As part of the singing show - which attracted over a million viewers on Monday and Tuesday nights - clues were dropped as to the identity of each of the singers, and the ones for rhino match up to Brendan pretty well.

First of all, Brendan is the exact same height as the rhino, standing at 191cm tall, and his controversial career in the AFL aligns with the clue that rhino “fell out of the spotlight” but is making a comeback.

However, the strongest clue pointing to Brendan seems to be a reference to the 2000 Olympics.

One of the character’s main clues is that his greatest success was in the same year Sydney held the Olympic Games, 2000.

Brendan kicked a jaw-dropping 12 goals against Collingwood in the 2000 pre-season match.

The Rhino's identity is a hot topic, and Brendan's name is now at the centre of it. Photo: Ten

Fans are convinced

When the video of Brendan speaking about the Masked Singer was posted to the HitFM Facebook page, the post attracted a flurry of theories.

“100% Fev. When I heard the song Shotgun, I knew it was 100% Fev,” one wrote, referring to the song the rhino sang which also happens to be Brendan’s favourite.

“I knew it,” another responded.

Others weren’t so sure pointing out the discrepancies in the voice.

“Nope clues match but unfortunately voice doesn't lol,” another wrote.

“Fev can’t sing for sh*t so definitely not him!” one agreed.

But it could be someone else

Former-Wallabies star Wendell Sailor is another much-discussed candidate. Photo: Getty Images

Others argue that the rhino is actually former Wallabies star Wendell Sailor, who was named player of the tournament for the 2000 Rugby League World Cup, which Australia also won.

He also matches the rhino’s 191cm height and fits the bill when it comes to falling out of the spotlight as he was once suspended over a drug controversy.

Two extra clues in Wendell’s favour include the fact that there are references to “hopping” and “wings” in the clues, and Wendell was a winger for the national team named after the hopping wallaby.

The wolf has also been compromised

Earlier this week, another celebrity performer was unmasked – as far as we can tell – and by the very same radio show.

This time, it wasn’t Brendan, but Fifi, Fev & Byron producer Leon Sjogren, who tweeted a photo of himself next to the wolf and tagged singer Rob Mills.

A producer on the same radio show outed the wolf earlier this week. Photo: Twitter

Speaking to Yahoo Lifestyle, Leon said he was “just having a really good guess”, and Rob himself has denied it – but the clues do add up.

In his introduction, the wolf said, “I’m up all night,” and “Up All Night” is the title of Rob’s debut album.

Fans also agreed, with Georgia Love tweeting, “Oh Millsy, I listened to your CD enough in 2003 to recognise your voice anyway boo.”

For all the clues and more guesses, check out our Masked Singer guide here.

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