The review and comments about this viral ‘hospital gown dress’ will make you LOL

Viral review of 'hospital gown dress'

Ever wanted to look like you left an in-patient ward and went about your daily life without bothering to change back into your street clothes? For some reason, Ann Taylor Loft has (or at least had) a “hospital gown dress” for you. Lucky for all of us, one hilarious mom managed to get her hands on it to review for the internet.

Yes, this is a real dress that Ann Taylor Loft created, marketed, and sold. And also yes, it’s clearly a hospital gown.

“I thought, ‘Maybe it looks better in person because why would a store sell a hospital gown for $68?'” influencer Nicole Story Dent says in her hilarious video about the dress. Stepping back to reveal she’s actually wearing the dress, she jokes, “It’s giving Baylor, Scott, and White third floor just around the elevator. Can’t eat or drink after midnight. Can I get more ice chips?”

She continues, “And if you’re thinking it just needs to be styled, I think you’re right.”

She then steps out of frame and returns holding a giant hospital sippy cup and dressed in fuzzy striped socks straight out of the maternity ward while fashionably showing off the hospital gown dress.

“If I were to see somebody out and about wearing this, I’m not gonna lie — I would probably Google my city’s non-emergency line to see if there’s a patient missing,” she adds. “Millennials, we were convinced by fashion magazines that we would have a very, very large need to go straight from work to the club… Is this new generation being told they need to go from labor and delivery to the club? From popping out babies to popping bottle?”

Just as funny as Dent’s commentary is the comment section.

“My insurance denied coverage for this dress because Loft isn’t ‘in network,’ one commenter said.

Another added, “That’s probably the cheapest way to get a hospital gown in the US.”

“In America, showing off that you can afford medical care is high fashion,” someone else said.

A nurse even commented: “It even has the POCKET to hold the cardiac monitor box. I’m dead. (Or maybe not depending on what the monitor says) Dang. This nurse approves.”

“Balenciaga about to make a studded IV pole,” another person commented.

“Coming soon to the Med Gala,” another added.

Ann Taylor Loft has since removed this dress from their website, so apparently they realized that no one is trying to look like a fashionable hospital patient — or a hospital just bought out their inventory. Who knows.