Bride's wedding ruined after groom's brother goes rogue with shady surprise

Sarah Carty
Features & Style Editor

When it comes to weddings, there’s a long list of rules guests are sometimes expected to follow on the day. 

You should never wear white, avoid bringing a date who’s not officially been invited and leave the spontaneous toasts to members of the bridal party. 

However, one man managed to break one of the worst ones possible, by proposing to his girlfriend at his brother’s wedding, causing an all out family war. 

A bride has claimed her wedding day was ruined by her groom's rogue brother. Photo: Getty Images

The man took to Reddit to ask ‘Am I the a*****e for proposing to my girlfriend at my brother’s wedding?’. 

He started off his story by saying that as children, he and his brother would do everything together, like blow out candles at birthday parties. 

Last week, his brother got married and considering how close they’ve always been, he saw no issue with popping the question to his partner on the momentous day. 

After some dancing, the man went to DJ and asked him if he could quieten down the music so he could ask his girlfriend to be his wife. 

‘I got down on one knee and made my proposal. My girlfriend was ecstatic, people congratulated us, etc. My brother also congratulated us, but about a half an hour later he came up to me and asked to speak privately,” the man wrote.  

“He told me he didn't have a problem with my proposal, but that his now-wife complained to him and called me a bunch of names. I told my brother I'd talk to her, but I was upset that his wife didn't just come to me to talk about what happened and was acting passive aggressive about it.”

The man went up to the bride later and apologised to her for the proposal, admitting that he should have asked permission first from the couple. 

The groom's brother popped the question to his girlfriend on the dancefloor. Photo: Getty Images

“She went off on me and told me how I ruined the wedding. I told her she's being dramatic and everyone is having a good time. Unfortunately me and his wife were never really on the best of terms, I told her I didn't think my brother should have ever married her and I hope they get divorced,” the man continued. 

He and his new fiance left the wedding early without saying goodbye to either his brother or his wife and they haven’t spoken to them since. 

People online couldn’t get over how harsh the man was being about his brother and sister-in-law’s relationship and were baffled that he couldn’t see what he had done wrong. 

“I think this is the worst case I've read so far of somebody proposing at somebody else's wedding. Didn't even ask if they could and then did it and then on top of that decided when the couple got upset told them he hoped they got divorced. Like damn you decided to burn several bridges that day,” one person wrote. 

“I hope the bride had the good sense to tell her photographer to delete any photos of the proposal. What an absolute a**, stealing the spotlight like that!,” another person wrote. 

One person pointed out that they would absolutely mortified if their other half proposed to them at somebody else’s wedding. 

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