Rebel Wilson 'banged up' after incident while taking 'hot photos'

Rebel Wilson’s ‘year of health’ has hit a snag after a ‘massive incident’ left her injured while taking ‘hot photos’ at the beach with her friends.

The 40-year-old Aussie star, who has lost a whopping 18kg this year, took to her Instagram stories to fill her fans in, after a wave swept her off her feet in Mexico.

Rebel Wilson on Mexico
Rebel Wilson was left 'banged up' after an incident in Mexico. Photo: Instagram/Rebel Wilson

“OK guys, there’s been a little bit of a massive incident,” Rebel said to the camera.

“We’re here in Mexico and we were taking hot photos out at the beach. Unfortunately while we were doing that, Nicole’s handbag washed into the ocean. It had her passport in it, which she’s currently drying.

“Then I’m like ‘I’ll get it!’ because we gotta fly today. And then I got pretty banged up.”

Rebel Wilson with an ice pack to her chest
Rebel could be seen holding an ice pack to her chest. Photo: Instagram/Rebel Wilson
Rebel Wilson in a crop top
Rebel was taking 'hot photos at the beach'. Photo: Instagram/Rebel Wilson
Rebel Wilson at the beach
The Aussie actress got knocked over by a wave while at the beach. Photo: Instagram/Rebel Wilson

Rebel showed her fans her arms and legs, which were bruised and an ice pack she had pressed to her chest.

“Basically my left boob took most of the impact and it’s going to be very swollen and bruised and I was scraped down my stomach when I hit into the rock,” she continued.

“Warning, when you’re taking hot photos just be careful because the waves can get you. Be ocean safe.

“But don’t let your own personal health and safety get destroyed because honestly, my boob is already big and it’s going to be very swollen after this.”

Rebel Wilson and Ant Middleton from SAS Australia
Rebel Wilson has teamed up with Ant Middleton from SAS Australia. Photo: Instagram/Rebel Wilson
Rebel Wilson taking a selfie
Rebel was swept her off her feet in Mexico. Photo: Instagram/Rebel Wilson
Rebel Wilson and SAS Australia's Ant Middleton
Rebel Wilson has teamed up with SAS's Ant Middleton. Photo: Instagram/Rebel Wilson

It comes after Rebel announced that she’s teaming up with SAS Australia’s Ant Middleton for a new show.

The Pitch Perfect Australian actress will star in Ant’s Straight Talking series.

Rebel and Ant will complete a number of high-thrill adventures including deep-sea diving and buggy racing.

Phil Edgar-Jones, Director of Sky Arts and Entertainment at Sky, said: “Ant’s finely honed skills in interrogation and strategic questioning along with his open and friendly nature will help him get to know the real Rebel Wilson, amidst the incredible backdrop of remote Mexico.”


Rebel Wilson in a green swimsuit
Rebel has made 2020 her 'year of health'. Photo: Instagram/Rebel Wilson

Last week fans went into overdrive when Rebel posted an image to her Instagram showing her in a 4x4 with the former Royal Marine in Mexico.

It may no come as no surprise that the actress has challenged herself by teaming up with the ultra-disciplined Middleton considering that the actor has thrown herself into activity and exercise after declaring 2020 would be her 'year of health'.

Rebel Wilson standing on a sand buggy
Rebel and Ant will go on a journey together in Mexico. Photo: Instagram/Rebel Wilson
Rebel Wilson and Jacob Busch
Rebel and her boyfriend wore matching Halloween outfits. Photo: Instagram/Rebel Wilson

Recently. Rebel told fans that she’s only 3kg away from her goal weight of 75kg.

The Pitch Perfect star also made her red carpet debut with her boyfriend Jacob Busch in Monaco in September, with the couple also coordinating their Halloween outfits this year.

According to People Magazine, the pair was introduced by a friend last year and began getting closer during quarantine while Rebel was in Australia and Jacob stayed in LA.

With extra reporting by Amy Johnson

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