Rebel Wilson Explained How She "Lost Money" On "Bridesmaids," And It's Pretty Shocking

Rebel Wilson Explained How She "Lost Money" On "Bridesmaids," And It's Pretty Shocking

Obviously, Rebel Wilson is very famous.

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Arguably, her breakout performance was in the smash hit comedy Bridesmaids in 2011. She only had a few scenes, but she undoubtedly stole every one of them.

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Bridesmaids might've put Rebel on the map, but as she recently revealed on the Diary of a CEO podcast, it didn't exactly put money in her pocket.

In fact, Rebel claims that she actually lost money due to starring in the film.

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"That was my first job in America," she said. "I was very lucky to get it. I mean, what an awesome cracker of a movie, to get that but to be paid that little."

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Rebel went on to reveal that she was only paid $3,500 for her appearance in the film. "And basically that $3,500, I then had to pay to the union to join the union," she explained.

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"So, basically, I made no money. I lost money because I had to pay to go to the premiere to buy my dress and everything."

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"So, I lost money doing Bridesmaids."

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Rebel also explained that the big role — and low pay — came at a time in which her finances were not where she wanted them to be.

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"That was a really skint year where I was living on $60 a week in LA once I paid my rent and my car hire, and that's not a lot of money," she explained.

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"So I wasn't partying or living this life. It was basically just having that focus trying to write for myself, going to auditions, and I had to wait a whole year until Bridesmaids came out and then suddenly it comes out there's this big hit."

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You can check out the entire interview here.