Real reason Tracy Grimshaw hasn't been on TV lately

If you’ve been watching A Current Affair at all over the past two weeks you’ll have noticed the program’s stalwart host Tracy Grimshaw has been missing in action.

Now, the presenter has opened up about why she hasn’t been on TV, revealing she fractured her foot.

tracy grimshaw a current affair
Tracy has been off work for weeks. Photo: Channel Nine

“I've been on crutches and off work for two weeks now,” Tracy said, in a piece written for Nine.

She went on to explain that four months ago she tore the meniscus cartilage in her knee and needed surgery, followed by physio. But she didn’t go to her physio appointments.

“The knee didn't get much better (duh) and one day it gave out as I stepped up an embankment at home and I fell and broke my foot,” she revealed.

“Except I didn't want the foot to be broken and I reasoned it couldn't be broken because I could still walk on it. So I dopily limped around - for three weeks - before finally getting an X-ray.”

“So that's why I'm not at work, and why Karl has been pulling a double shift at both ends of the day filling in for me. Mind you, with a new baby he's not sleeping anytime soon so no harm done,” Tracy adds.

Indeed Karl Stefanovic has been hosting the nightly a current affairs program and then backing it up with his role on Today, which starts at 5:30am each morning.

Karl Stefanovic hosts a current affair
Karl has been pulling double shifts. Photo: Channel Nine

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