Elizabeth resurfaces on Instagram after MAFS absence

Eliza Velk
Junior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

It’s the question we’ve all been wondering since Wednesday’s dinner party, and on last night’s episode of Married At First Sight, we finally got an answer to what happened to our missing bride Elizabeth Sobinoff.

The bubbly blonde has been noticeably absent from the experiment for two episodes in a row and both fans and contestants were getting a little confused.

So after her TV husband, Sam turned up to the commitment ceremony alone and with no idea where his ‘wife’ was, it was time for the relationship experts to fill in the blanks.

“Elizabeth has been struck down by a virus and she was not able to make the last dinner party and nor can she make the commitment ceremony tonight,” explained expert John Aiken. 

Sam – who is currently suffering chickenpox on the show – was clearly unimpressed saying that Elizabeth had ‘disrespected’ him.

Sam was clearly unimpressed by his ‘wife’ Elizabeth not showing up. Source: Channel Nine

I’m sick as a dog and I still wanted to be present and make the most of it so I’m surprised Elizabeth can’t do the same,” he added.

That’s when John then clarified, “She does have doctors orders to stay away, whereas you were cleared to come.”

Despite his obvious frustration, the 26-year-old model still chose to stay in order to continue a ‘blossoming’ affair with fellow contestant Ines Basic.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth has since taken to Instagram to post two selfies without her usual bold eye makeup.

“Sleepy head…. diamonds still bright,” she captioned one of the photos which appears to be taken at home.

On Sunday night, the contestants were also told that they would be setting off on a group holiday to the Gold Coast this week – much to the delight of Sam and Ines who are hoping to ramp up their relationship.

“I’m going to take this opportunity for Sam and I to get together. Every time I look at him I just want to have sex with him – we’ll definitely be hooking up,” Ines said, who also only chose to stay in order to pursue things with Sam rather than her matched partner Bronson.

And in this week’s promotional trailer, things get pretty steamy between the pair who are seen sharing a sneaky kiss.

Things appear to get pretty steamy between Sam and Ines on this week of Married At First Sight. Source: Channel Nine

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