The 'Real Housewives of Dubai' Net Worths, Ranked: Who Is the Richest?

Real Housewives of Dubai

Dubai, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, is famously the home to some of the world's richest men and women. From Middle Eastern royalty to wealthy expats looking for a change in scenery, Dubai has become an enclave for the rich and famous. Boasting luxurious shopping malls, man-made islands and the world's tallest skyscraper, the city has become synonymous with wealth in recent years, so it made perfect sense when Bravo announced in 2022 that its latest Real Housewives franchise would be based there.

The first season of The Real Housewives of Dubai was a success and a second season, which will premiere on Sunday, June 2, 2024, was greenlit with five of its original cast members returning (we'll miss you Nina Ali!) On Season 1, the newly minted Bravolebrities spent a LOT of time in pissing matches about who was wealthiest, with the women nitpicking the others' business records. Could Caroline Stanbury afford a mortgage? Did Lesa Milan steal designs for her fashion line? How much does Chanel Ayan make modeling? At the Season 1 reunion the women all agreed that Nina Ali was by far the wealthiest, but with her departure, who will be taking the top spot? Here are the six cast members of The Real Housewives of Dubai ranked by net worth:

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The Real Housewives of Dubai Cast Members' Net Worths, Ranked

Caroline Stanbury<p>Bravo</p>
Caroline Stanbury


Caroline Stanbury's Net Worth: $30 million

Given that The Real Housewives of Dubai was largely built around the ex-Ladies of London star who moved to Dubai in 2016, it's not particularly shocking that she'd be one of the wealthier cast members. She's currently the queen bee with an estimated $30 million. Stanbury's wealth comes from a variety of sources. In addition to being from a very wealthy British family, she also has appeared on multiple TV shows, launched several businesses and married Turkish millionaire Cem Habib, whom she presumably gained money from during their divorce. Lately she's been working as an influencer and with nearly 700K followers, she can rake in the brand endorsements.

Sara Al Madani<p>Bravo</p>
Sara Al Madani


Sara Al Madani's Net Worth: $16 million

The net worth of Sara Al Madani remains a bit up in the air. While some sources list it as only $1 million, others list it as high as $16 million. However, due to the sheer amount of business she's involved in and her recent bump form RHODubai, it would make sense she is worth something on the higher end of that spectrum. The speaker and entrepreneur launched her own fashion line at 15 and has been busy ever since. Recently, she's worked in virtual reality, digital marketing, NFTs, beauty and real estate. Plus she co-founded a Cameo competitor called Halahi. With all those revenue streams, she's certainly well off.

Lesa Milan<p>Bravo</p>
Lesa Milan


Lesa Milan's Net Worth: $9.2 million

Coming in third among the Season 2 cast is Lesa Milan. The former Miss Jamaica certainly upped her net worth when she married millionaire financier and property developer Richard Hall, but she's earned plenty on her own as well. Lesa is the fashion designer of the bunch with her line Mina Roe Maternity even being worn by Beyoncé. In total, she's reportedly worth $9 million, which is nothing to sneeze at.

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Caroline Brooks<p>Bravo</p>
Caroline Brooks


Caroline Brooks's Net Worth: $4-$6 million

While Caroline Brooks moved to Dubai with her wealthy ex-husband, she didn't profit off the divorce, opting to forego money in order to keep custody of her son. However, since the divorce, she's stayed in Dubai earning her reported $4-$6 million net worth through her work a an executive director at a real estate firm. With her arrival to Bravo and the opening of her spa, Glass House Dubai, her net worth is sure to climb.

Chanel Ayan<p>Bravo</p>
Chanel Ayan


Chanel Ayan's Net Worth: $2 million

If you think there's something familiar about Chanel Ayan, it might be that she's the cousin of The Real Housewives of New York's Ubah Hassan. Like Hassan, Chanel is also a model and amassed much of her reported $2 million net worth through work in the fashion industry. In addition to campaigns she posed for, Ayan also runs a model management firm a cosmetics company called Ayan Beauty by Toni Malt. And whether she buys all her clothes or has them sent her way via PR, Chanel always looks like a million bucks.

Taleen Marie<p>Bravo</p>
Taleen Marie


Taleen Marie's Net Worth: Unknown

With Taleen Marie joining The Real Housewives of Dubai for Season 2, not much is known about her net worth. However, judging by her online presence, she's fairly well off. In addition to a musical career, Marie has founded both a cosmetics brand and a digital fitness platform. She's also married to Rafael Khanoyan, who is the CEO of a corporation that designs parks in Dubai. While we may not know much about Taleen now, we'll certainly know more as the season progresses.

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