Queen set to 'intervene' in Meghan Markle's dad drama

Rebekah Scanlan
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Things with Meghan Markle’s out-of-control dad appear to have escalated, with the latest reports saying the best option left now is for the Queen to step in.

Since the former Suits star married Prince Harry in May, Thomas Markle hasn’t stopped speaking out about his daughter, most recently accusing her of “cutting him off” because of her new royal status.

But his public outbursts are causing a headache for the Palace, with things becoming so serious they’ve held at least three “top level” crisis meetings, where it has been suggested the Queen should “intervene” the Mirror reports.

Meghan Markle’s outspoken father has caused the Palace to go into crisi mode after he brought up Princess Diana in one of his rants. Photo: Good Morning Britain/ITV

“It’s an increasingly desperate ­situation and now it’s come down to three options being on the table,” a royal aide told the publication.

The three choices being debated are Meghan talking to her 74-year-old dad directly, cutting him off altogether, or the Queen “intervening”.

Things are so serious there have been three “crisis” meetings about how to handle the situation, with an expert saying it’s most likely the Queen will step in. Source: Getty

Royal expert Phil Dampier — who has written about the family for 26 years — told the Express it’s most likely the Queen would try herself to mediate the situation as “it is getting out of control”.

“If this carries on I wouldn’t be surprised if the Queen herself gets involved and bangs a few heads together.”

Last week Thomas made a comment about the late Princess Diana, where he claimed she would not have “stood” for the fact he has been frozen out of Meghan’s life. 

Meghan is said to be deeply upset by her dad’s remarks about Harry’s late mum, Princess Diana. Source: Getty

The remarks appear to have been the final straw for the royals, with it being claimed Meghan was deeply upset.

However there is a bit of a silver lining in the whole debacle, with Meghan’s drama apparently bringing her and sister in law Kate Middleton closer together.

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